Spain – the old authoritarianism rules


‘Crushing prison terms’ of thirteen years apiece were handed out to Catalonia separatist leaders for organising a referendum on self-determination in 2017. It has brought violent protestors back onto the street in Girona and Barcelona, still aggrieved at the punitive response from Madrid’s heavy-handed suppression when they were first arrested. Other separatist leaders are in exile to escape prison. A UN inquiry deemed that the pre-trial imprisonment and any subsequent sentences would be in violation of international law.

“This is the old Spain reasserting itself”, said Carles Puigdemont, former Catalonia president, at present in Belgium. Far-right nationalists think the sentences were not severe enough.

Spain, 22 November 1975 12.45 Madrid, is in upheaval with another election due in early November when tr Uranus will be exactly on the opposition to the Uranus, moving to square the Saturn late December and through January 2020 – that will bring an authoritarian streak to the fore to clash mightily with forces of rebellion. There are also hard aspect crossovers between Solar Arc Pluto to the Spain Mercury; and Solar Arc Mercury to the Spain Pluto – which suggests a hardening of attitudes, bitter and vengeful debate and high tension.

The old reunification of Spain 19 January 1479 JC chart works remarkably well and also suggests a mood of panicky failure running throughout 2019 and heightening mid November to mid December, with another highly uncertain patch in February 2020.

Assuming the start time for the 1975 chart is accurate, then tr Saturn and tr Pluto are both wading through the 12th – so whatever light is waiting at the end of the tunnel won’t become obvious until the shift over to Aquarius picks up gradually in 2021 and with more bite two years later as tr Saturn Jupiter and then Pluto cross the Spain Ascendant for an image makeover and a revisioning of identity.


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