Serena Williams & Alexis Ohanian – a Libra Taurus match

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Serena Williams, the tennis superstar, 22 times Grand Slam winner, has announced her engagement to Alexis Ohanian, the American-Armenian co-founder of Reddit. She was born 26 September 1981 8.28pm Saginaw, Michigan and he 24 April 1983 New York.

She has her Sun and Saturn Jupiter Pluto Mercury in Libra with a Virgo Moon and Venus in Scorpio. While he is a Sun in Taurus opposition Saturn Pluto, with Mars also in Taurus; a Virgo/Libra Moon, Venus in Gemini and a lucky Uranus Jupiter in Sagittarius. It’s not intuitively that strong a mix. On the upside his Venus does trine her Libra Sun Saturn Jupiter which is affectionate; his Moon is around her Moon Sun which gives a shared resonance; his Sun is on her Ascendant which can be good though also competitive. Her Venus in Scorpio opposes his Mars in Taurus which is hot, passionate and sexy but not overly sensitive. And his Saturn Pluto is conjunct her Descendant which isn’t too emotional, better suited to a business relationship.

The relationship chart has a morale-boosting composite Sun trine Jupiter; but the Sun is also square a cold, overly hard-working Saturn and trapped Pluto; with Saturn Pluto trine Mars which will create aggro down the line. Plus an ego-clashing, mutually unsupportive composite Mars opposition Neptune squaring onto the composite Moon. Plus a needs-space composite Venus square Uranus.

Possibly more minuses than pluses. And it will go through a fair number of ups and downs in 2017 with tr Saturn in hard aspect to the composite Moon, Neptune, Mars; and tr Uranus opposition Saturn Pluto; and tr Pluto square Sun.

He’s got a very see-saw chart with his Sun opposition Saturn Pluto; Venus opposition Uranus Jupiter; and Neptune opposition Node – all planets sitting together in two groups on opposite sides of his chart, so he won’t find relationships easy to maintain. She on the other hand has a very bunched together chart with all planets within a trine, so will be fairly self sufficient – and certainly very work-oriented.

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