Scorpio New Moon – high tension late month

New Moons roll round every four weeks so aren’t too interesting. But the Scorpio New Moon on October 28th could be more noteworthy than most. At 4 degrees Scorpio it’s in an exact opposition to Uranus in Taurus bringing a few jolting surprises. And more ominously still there’s an exact accident-prone/violent Mars square Saturn with the shadow of the approaching brutal and ruthless Mars square Pluto also in effect through till early November.

High Noon stakes all round with Turkey’s five degree Scorpio Sun triggered by the New Moon and Uranus. The USA Sun square Saturn in Libra will be reacting to the Mars square Saturn as Trump’s impeachment and sinking popularity gathers a head of steam. Brexit is aiming for yet another do-or-die moment with the New Moon conjunct the EU’s financial 2nd house Neptune with tr Uranus in a high-strung opposition to their Neptune as economic concerns over a global recession and Germany’s sagging industrial complex grow.

The New Moon at Aleppo, Syria, at present under Turkish bombardment, has the New Moon opposition Uranus exactly across the Ascendant/Descendant axis. Set for Washington it puts Mars exactly on the IC and for the UK Saturn Pluto in the 4th, neither of which are progressive.


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  1. I’ve been following a cat rescue mission in/near Aleppo. Just when the clinic seems to have quiet moments and the animals are recovering, something like this happens. Russian bombs nearly destroyed them earlier in the year. Clinic workers escaped death but not from being wounded. There’s no safe haven anywhere in that part of the world, for anyone or anything.

    Kudos to Commander Bonespurs.

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