Sajid Javid – onto the graveyard shift



Sajid Javid is the new Home Secretary as Amber Rudd departs. The Home Office is known as the graveyard of political careers and Theresa May is the first to step from thence to No 10 since Jim Callaghan nearly 50 years ago.

Javid, born 5 December 1969 to Pakistani parents was brought up in relative poverty by his bus driver father along with six siblings. After Exeter University he joined Chase Manhattan Bank in NY becoming vie-president and moved to Deutsche Bank ending up on the board of directors, working in Asia and London. When he left aged 40 to move into politics his salary would have been around £3 million a year.

He’s a Sun Sagittarius sextile Uranus; with an enthusiastic Jupiter (Moon) in Libra trine Mars in Aquarius, sextiling onto Mercury in Sagittarius – with Mercury in an intense square to Pluto. His Jupiter opposes a workmanlike Saturn in Taurus, so he’ll hate to fail. He’s clearly very capable. Though the sprawling Home Office can be a poisoned chalice.

Tr Uranus is opposing his Jupiter now which brings sudden promotion; though it moves to conjunct his Saturn by July onwards which will provide a jolt or two. He’s got ups and downs this year as to be expected from a taxing job with tr Neptune square his Sun in November/December; but it’s 2019 when he looks most on edge.

His relationship with Theresa May is superficially friendly though with an explosive edge. Their synastry isn’t great, since his Uranus is conjunct her Sun, his Mars opposition her Pluto, and his Neptune is conjunct her Saturn – so she’ll find him a handful, constantly pushing his own agenda, fairly slippery at times and as bullishly obstinate as she is.

May has the discouraging tr Saturn square her Sun exactly now as she loses an ally in Rudd, and that repeats later in the autumn. And her Solar Arc Uranus conjunct her Sun draws ever nearer. An early morning birth could make it soon, or if a later day birth then into 2019. And tr Neptune continues to undermine her Mars opposition Jupiter this year and next.

5 thoughts on “Sajid Javid – onto the graveyard shift

  1. Hi Marjorie

    Is Solar Arc Sun conjunct natal Uranus or vice versa such a bad thing? I note your tone a number of times including above when you mention it and am now curious because my Solar Arc Sun at 2 Virgo is moving to conjunct my natal Uranus at 7 Virgo in 5 years time? You’re making me nervous (for 5 whole years?).

  2. Hi Marjorie
    On UK politics more widely, any thoughts on when we might see the back of the Tories? Will Thursdays local elections provide a clue, or the government inception chart?

    • At the moment, the alternative is so terrible that I would hold my nose and vote for them. It is ironic indeed that Miliband was a comparative milquetoast, but I could vote for him. I can’t vote for the Labour lot at the moment. And no point in voting for the small fry (Lib Dems, Greens, etc).

      Also thanks for reminding me to vote today. I had forgotten.

    • Thankfully, the trend seems to be “more of the same”, rather than any radical change. It does seem to me that it is really becoming a case of the vocal left on social media not realising that there is a silent majority who is not on social media, but who does vote and therefore completely underestimating them.

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