Sadiq Khan sworn in – a steamroller of an Earth Fire term

Sadiq Khan was sworn in as Mayor of London at 11.49am this morning, May 7th. This puts the expansive, confident and business-oriented Earth Grand Trine centre stage with the Taurus Sun Venus Mercury (and Moon) in the 10th trine Jupiter North Node in the 2nd trine Pluto at the end of the 5th house. It certainly looks successful since Earth Grand Trines often show great resourcefulness and common sense in tackling practical problems. What is marginally worrisome is that the Grand Trine forms into a Kite with Jupiter opposition an 8th house Neptune – which could be slippery, evasive or deluded when it comes to finances.  Plus that opposition squares onto a 4th house Saturn Mars – that could be an indication of his manifesto promise to sort out housing, especially low cost housing. But it also suggests a less than delighted local population.

There’s also an entrepreneurial Fire Grand Trine of 9th house Uranus trine Saturn in the 4th trine a Leo Ascendant – so innovations can be expected.  An Earth Fire chart has a huge amount of energy, steamrollering over obstacles through sheer persistence.

The Moon is conjunct Algol, the destructive planet.

It’ll be interesting to see how Neptune and the Moon play out. And indeed that bad-tempered focal point Mars Saturn. But there’s certainly oodles of good energy despite the caveats.

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