Royals – the perennial in-law headaches writ large

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Dissecting the family dynamics of the Royals can seem intrusive but it does provide light relief from the weightier concerns of a collapsing world. And it also shows relationship charts and synastry at work – which is my excuse when I think they are only human and must terribly dislike being picked over.

The Daily Mail, never ones to pull back from a juicy expose of motive and behaviour, have suggested today that Ma and Pa Middleton’s absence from front line Royal events this year is all down to Prince Charles’ huff at being sidelined as a grandpa. Which would certainly fit with Carole Middleton’s chart shock last year when Charlotte arrived (see previous post 4th August).

CaroleM’s relationship with Prince Charles is seriously not-good with her emphasised/afflicted Saturn conjunct his Scorpio Sun and her Pluto square his Sun – so he’ll feel very cornered and suppressed by her; plus her headstrong, quite aggressive Mars in Aries is conjunct his midheaven, so definitely competitive.

Their relationship chart has a hostile, power-struggling composite Pluto opposition Mars square Venus – so a volcano’s worth of boiling feeling and jealousy. Plus an uncompromising, tension-provoking composite Saturn square Uranus which has been under huge pressure through the birth of both grandchildren.

Even Prince William feels a touch trapped and manipulated by CaroleM in ways he won’t understand with her Pluto falling in his 8th; and in her Mars square his Moon, so irritations bubbling when the sugary sweet veneer (Jupiter opposition Venus square Moon) wears off, which it is doing at the moment. Her Saturn also opposes his strained 5th house Venus in Taurus – so children could be a bone of contention.

It will put him in a quandary (as in-laws always do) since he’ll be aware of his father’s prickly sensitivity as well as Kate’s genuine fondness for her mother with her Venus in Aquarius conjunct CaroleM’s Sun. His relationship with his father is not easy at best, since Charles’ fragile ego tends to see any competition from the next-heirs-but-one as stealing his limelight – and it seems fairly unsettled and undermined this year.

Prince William has been in an uphill two years with tr Pluto square his Saturn in 2015/16; and with tr Saturn heading for his Ascendant from late 2017 won’t really be in a mood for duty or taking on more public responsibilities. But if Kate’s birth time of 11.30 is accurate, then as a couple they are moving into a more hard-working, responsible few years ahead, so he will be pushed and pulled. They do look to be ploughing through some heavy weather in 2017/18 with tr Pluto square the composite Saturn, which may be external pressures bearing down on them – or being stuck in the middle of a family tug-of-war – played out in the media which won’t help.

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