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Princess Eugenie might be forgiven for wishing she’d eloped except it hardly suits the York family style. On top of aggravation about taxpayer-funded security for a blatantly ostentatious wedding this Friday, there’s now – as to be expected – family tensions erupting with Camilla ducking out (prior engagement) and Prince Philip being undecided whether to share space with the bride’s mother for the first time in decades.

The media appear undecided whether Camilla dislikes Sarah more than Prince Andrew or vice versa. On balance it’s probably Sarah since their relationship chart has a hostile composite Mars Pluto conjunction; and Camilla’s Cancer Sun squares Sarah’s blundering Sun Mars in Libra and Camilla’s Mars in Gemini squares Sarah’s Pluto Venus MC. So an angry tangle. Resentments go back to Andrew and the York’s lack of support when Charles married Camilla.

Camilla’s relationship chart with Andrew has a suspicious, cold and high-tension composite Venus opposition Saturn Neptune square Uranus which is under considerable pressure from 2018 through till the early 2020s. No doubt because as the Wales rise with the Queen retreating in miniscule steps, Andrew’s family will be pushed more into the background. That is also clear from Andrew and Charles’ relationship chart which is exasperated and angry this December and worsening dramatically in 2020/2021/22.

Charles is no fan of Sarah’s with his critical Saturn sitting firmly on her Pluto Venus MC; and their relationship chart has another hostile Mars Pluto plus a cold Sun Saturn Mercury.

All smile for the camera.

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5 thoughts on “Royal wedding – public and family aggro

  1. Prince Philip is 97, I think he does have to consider his engagements on the day and his health. I doubt he would maliciously avoid Eugenie’s wedding. Andrew is clearly jealous of his older brother and his position.

  2. So much for the bickering of parents/aunts/uncles/grandparent generations. How will Eugenie and her fiancé do themselves? Can they personally have a marriage that survives or rises above all that? I hope so.

  3. The family aren’t doing themselves any favors by allowing their pettiness to overrule public unity. Their quarrels grow more tiresome by the year; not to mention that they can’t even show support for future generations. I guess the dysfunction is too deeply rooted as in most families except we don’t get paid to put on a good show.

    • Just a thought but …… Could it be that this is the way it is and always has heen in royal family dynamics ans a lot of commoners for that matter? The public is just judgemental because their business is more exposed by the media ans the media stokes the fire with their eye catching headlines? They coax us into thinking thwy should be more perfect in behaviour than ordinary people. They are only human after all. Also, didnt they use to cut off the heads of those family they didnt like or send them to ths tower? Tower of London that is. In those days the public had their own problems enough to have an opinion about that i guess and wouldnt even know that information. So ….. life goes on and they will too in whatever form that takes.

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