Roosh V – neo-masculine rants – Yod focal point Mars

Roosh V (Daryush Valizadeh), the neo-masculinist activist has cancelled meetings since he says he can no longer protect the safety or privacy of men who might attend.

An American-born Muslim of Armenian-Iranian parents he is for traditional masculine dominance, against female promiscuity and had some barmy idea about legalising rape (in order the stop it, he said ??) His website ReturnofKings bans homosexuals and women from commenting.

Born 14 June 1979 he’s a Sun Gemini opposition Neptune and trine Pluto and possibly trine an Aquarius Moon.  Both Aquarius and Gemini enjoy making outrageous statements to shock others and amuse themselves. Neptune and Pluto in aspect to the Sun gives power to a vision.

What really motivates him though is almost certainly a Yod onto Mars in Taurus from the Neptune Pluto sextile. An afflicted Mars in Taurus gives rise to sexual jealousy and possessive and an obsession for acquiring money.

A Yod focal point Mars is rash, reckless, self-defeating, aggressive and out of balance where sexual tensions are concerned. Very self-willed.

Heaven help any poor wife who got anchored to him.

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