Matt LeBlanc – new speedfreak friend

Actor Matt LeBlanc of ‘Friends’ fame is to co-host Top Gear with Chris Evans when it returns in May. He says he’s amazed at the reaction.

Born 25 July 1967 4.18 am Newton, Massachusetts, he has a 1st house Leo Sun and Jupiter in Leo in the 2nd, so well-designed as an entertainer; lucky and extravagant with money.

He’s also got a Water Grand Trine of a Pisces Moon trine a 5th house Neptune trine Mercury on his Cancer Ascendant; formed into a Kite by Moon opposition Venus Pluto Uranus in Virgo – so creative, talented, self-protective; and very much of the chaotic and innovative Uranus Pluto generation.  He’s also got a well-organised Saturn in self-reliant Aries in his 10th so executive ability as well.

His relationship chart with Chris Evans, 1 April 1966 no birth time, is positive with probably a composite New Moon opposition Venus, sextile/trine Saturn – so good complementarity, friendliness and stability.  Plus an adventurous Mars opposition Jupiter.

Though their synastry does raise a few questions. Evans’ Sun Mars in Aries is conjunct LeBlanc’s Saturn so Evans’ impetuous approach may not sit that comfortably. But both are of the Uranus Pluto conjunction generation so will understand each other. L’s Jupiter is probably conjunct E’s Leo Moon which will help.

This year doesn’t look that easy for LeBlanc with his Solar Arc Sun conjunct his Pluto, exact as the show launches which is very pressured. Another very challenging influence picks up from late March – tr Pluto trine his Sun/Mars; and there’s an accident prone tr Uranus square his Mars/Saturn in May, repeating on and off till 2017. Plus a career-loss tr Neptune square Jupiter/Saturn in June.

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