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Ronan Farrow is the investigative journalist who swung a wrecking ball through the Hollywood glitterati and set off a tsunami of allegations against Harvey Weinstein. Farrow is the son of Mia Farrow and Woody Allen; and has a personal beef against Weinstein who rescued Woody Allen’s career after his acrimonious divorce from Mia and custody battle with allegations of child abuse flying (and denied). Ronan is estranged from his father now married to his stepsister, and protective of his sister Dylan who made the original allegations. Farrow claims that journalists and broadcasters have in the past ignored the allegations of sexual abuse by “powerful men” like his father, and Bill Cosby; and said that too often the legal system “fails the vulnerable” and reporters fail to give victims a voice “as they face off against the powerful.”

Born 19 December 1987 at 10.49am New York, (2 days after Chelsea Manning), he’s got five planets in crusading Sagittarius in his ambitious 10th house. His Moon is exactly conjunct his midheaven suiting him for a public career, with a collection of serious, well-organised Saturn, communicative Mercury, a rebellious/innovative Uranus and Sun all conjunct. He’s custom-built for hard-work and high ambitions. His 2nd house Jupiter in pro-active Aries is trine all his Sagittarius planets giving him confidence and luck. He’s also very angry, obsessively so, with Mars Pluto in Scorpio in his publishing/lecturing 9th house.

Woody Allen is also a Sun Sagittarius with Jupiter Mercury conjunct; and a Mars opposition Pluto; and the Mars Pluto theme repeats in their relationship chart with a hostile Pluto square Sun Mars.

Ronan at the moment has his Solar Arc Pluto conjunct his Moon and MC, so a significant moment in his career with more influence. Though tr Neptune is also square all three into early 2018, so not altogether easy. He’s also exactly on his first Saturn Return, which is a significant marker. Tr Saturn is now at its career peak in his chart for the next six or seven years. It won’t all be straightforward since his life especially at work will tend to go in ups and downs.

9 thoughts on “Ronan Farrow – speaking truth to power

  1. No way the astrology can pin point paternity. He wouldn’t have got on with Frank Sinatra anyway. A young liberally-inclined metrosexual – why would he want to have that as a father? Or Woody Allen for that matter. Two old dinosaurs.

  2. Mia Farrow has always been rather coy about Ronan’s paternity, evading direct questions, saying only that her relationship with Sinatra “never really ended.”

  3. was just going to type the same thing. he looks exactly like sinatra, with mia’s hair. we’d be fools of the world to believe otherwise: the vasectomy didn’t take. can astrology prove this too, just for fun?

    • Wasn’t Cliff Barnes’ failed vasectomy a “Dallas” storyline? They do fail every now and then, and probably did more so in the past.

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