Roman Abramovitch & Dasha – pressures of too much money



Russian billionaire Roman Abramovitch, owner of Chelsea FC and oil and metal companies, is splitting from his third wife, former model, Dasha Zhukova, mother of his two latest children, in addition to five from his previous relationships.

Abramovitch, 24 October 1966, was orphaned at 4, grew up badly educated, but blossomed after perestroika into the 1990s, investing shrewdly in mineral wealth. His Sun is almost certainly zero Scorpio conjunct Venus in late Libra square Jupiter in Leo, so optimistic and lucky despite his difficult beginnings; with the gritty, innovative Uranus Pluto in Virgo opposition Saturn, sextile/trine Mercury Neptune in Scorpio; with an Aquarius/Pisces Moon.

Dasha Zhukova, 8 June 1981, was born into a wealthy family, part of the Russian intelligentsia, studied at a U.S. university and is an art collector, owns an arts centre in Russia, and has a non-profit Foundation which promotes contemporary culture.  She’s a Sun Gemini opposition Neptune and trine Pluto, so creative and influential; with an idealistic Saturn Jupiter conjunction in Libra trine Mars in Gemini; an uncompromising Mars opposition Uranus; and a Leo/Virgo Moon.

Her Sun opposition Neptune squares his Uranus Pluto opposition Saturn – so differing agendas. He’s evidently all work and business, while she has more arty interests.

Their relationship chart does have an affectionate composite Sun Venus Jupiter so there would be a real spark initially. But that squares onto Neptune, which always sets up a scenario for a letdown once the shine wears off. The composite Sun trines Saturn, sextile Uranus – so there would be a real chance of stability and co-operation in innovative projects. But tr Pluto picked up the opposition to the composite Mars this year, running to the end of 2018, which would exacerbate differences and bring bitter arguments or a stalemate. It’s a pity since it could have worked.

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