Rodrigo Duterte – The Punisher – too many sextiles

Rodrigo Duterte, the surprise new President elect of the Philipines has been described as a misogynist, loud-mouthed bigot like Trump. In reality he’s a much harder figure, reputedly using death squads to target criminals during his time as Mayor of Davao, earning him the nickname The Punisher.

Born 28 March 1945 he’s a Sun Aries opposition Neptune square Saturn in Cancer, and trine Pluto. So one of these Sun Neptune Pluto individuals who have a vision for power and influence; and with a focal point Cardinal Saturn, he certainly has executive ability but won’t be happy to share the driving seat with others. He’s also got a Half Grand Sextile of Sun sextile Uranus sextile Pluto sextile Neptune (Moon) – so talented, lucky. Plus a mini-Grand Trine of Mars in Pisces trine Saturn sextile Venus in Taurus.  A surfeit of ‘easy’ aspects in a chart can, oddly enough, lead to a lack of moral fibre. His Jupiter in Virgo is picking up the tr Pluto trine in 2018/19 – so money and success will roll his way.

The Philippine 10 Dec 1898 8.45pm chart looks a good deal less happy with tr Saturn in hard aspect to the Pluto Neptune opposition Saturn Sun in Sagittarius in 2016/2017; and tr Neptune following along behind to start squaring first Pluto in 2017 then Sun Saturn in 2019/20.

The Philippines 4 July 1946 9.15am Manila chart is more mixed with a giddy high from Pluto Jupiter in 2016/17 but also tr Saturn square the Moon this year; with tr Neptune opposition Moon in 2018/19 along with the disruptive Solar Arc Sun square Uranus at the end of this year; and the high anxiety, uncertain Solar Arc Saturn conjunct Neptune later in 2018. That could suggest some do well out of his election but the general population of the poor don’t benefit.

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