Rocco Ritchie – conflicted loyalties

Rocco Ritchie, the 15 year old son of Madonna and Guy Ritchie, has evidently been ordered to New York to discuss with his mother his desire to stay with his father in the UK. He did tour with Madonna but after a while decided he didn’t want to any longer.

Born 11 August 2000 12.45am Los Angeles, he does have a 4th house Leo Sun and Venus in Virgo also in his 4th – so will be fond of his father. His Sun opposes Uranus on the MC so mother will be seen as unpredictable though he’ll also be changeable. He’s also confident and determined with Jupiter Saturn opposition Pluto square Venus.

Madonna is also a Leo so maybe there’s a clash of egos and her Mars in Taurus squares his Sun opposition Uranus – so quite a volatile relationship.

His father’s Sun Jupiter Pluto (Uranus) in Virgo fall in Rocco’s 4th house so home will be a shared bond. Though Guy’s Mars in Leo is also conjunct Rocco’s Sun opposition Uranus so it won’t all be sweetness and light.

On the relationship charts, there’s a good deal of affection between Madonna and Rocco with a composite Sun Venus Jupiter conjunction though it does admittedly square Uranus – so not good for a 24/7 enclosed space kind of connection. The composite Moon opposes Uranus and squares Jupiter – so again needs-space but also fun. What is more telling is a composite Mars opposition Neptune – which often brings ego-clashes as if each find supporting the other’s success difficult.

Rocco’s relationship with his father also has a composite Sun square Uranus though with a stabilising Sun trine Saturn. There’s a hard edged Mars square Saturn so more discipline – but not the same competitiveness as with his mother.

Being a teenager he’ll probably change his mind – several times. Who’d be the child of a celebrity marriage?

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