2016 – highs and lows, keeping anxiety on a leash

What’s to look forward to and guard against in the coming year.

The disruptive, chaotic Uranus square Pluto has no more exactly exact aspects, though is very close in January/February. It will gradually fade in influence, though returning with a reasonably close orb late in the year. Its effect will be felt most strongly when the Sun and Mars move through Cardinal signs in January, April, July and October.

Although a lesser influence, the neurotic Saturn in Sagittarius square Neptune will also be to the forefront, increasing panic levels and inflating ill-defined fears. Typically Saturn Neptune is paranoid so magnifying small concerns and making mountains out of them. It will be around for the first ten months or so, most notably when exact in June and September, especially the latter when it is fired up by the Eclipses.

At best Saturn can give shape and structure to Neptune’s dreams. Neptune’s creativity and ideals for a better society, help for the suffering, can be made real. Though it would have to be said a square makes that more difficult. If Neptune gets the upper hand it dissolves Saturn’s sense of reality, inducing disorientation, a difficulty in distinguishing fiction from fact.

Jupiter in Virgo is also square Saturn for the first six months which is an odd combination – expanding and shrinking at the same time, not entirely stable.

On the better news front, Jupiter trines Pluto in March, April and June – successful, positive thinking leads to positive results, morale boosting. Then in November and December, Jupiter (from September in Libra) squares Pluto and opposes Uranus – which will be confident and lucky; along with an innovative Saturn trine Uranus in December.

Mars is having a retrograde year so stays in Sagittarius from March till May and August/September – good for crusading and campaigning – and arguing.

The Eclipses which have an effect just before the due date and for some months after:
The 9th March Solar Eclipse at 18 degrees Pisces opposes Jupiter which is great and squares Saturn, not so great. Not catastrophic but wobbly.
The 23 March Lunar Eclipse at 3 degrees Libra/Aries is sextile/trine Mars which will be lively. There is a Neptune Venus opposition Jupiter square Saturn so some discouragement and confusion.

The more difficult Eclipses come in September. The Solar Eclipse on 1st September at 9 degrees Virgo opposes Neptune and squares a Mars Saturn conjunction which looks accident prone, rattled, maybe military ramping up and muddled.
The 16 September Lunar Eclipse at 24 degrees Pisces/Virgo squares onto Mars which looks aggravated; with the Uranus Pluto square anchored into a T Square to Venus in Libra so emotionally intense and unpredictable; and the Saturn Neptune square tied tighter together into another T square with the Virgo North Node – so Mars, Pluto, Saturn are all on focal points, accentuating their effect.

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