Rex Tillerson – SecState missing in inaction

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One of the (many) mysteries of the fledgling Trump Administration is what has happened to the Secretary of State, Rex Tillerson. Next to POTUS it’s almost the most important post and yet Tillerson has been largely invisible, not present at foreign dignitary meetings with Trump, or giving briefings. Admittedly he inherited an understaffed department, with top staff exiting, and is under threat of budget cutbacks. But he didn’t get to be CEO of Exxon, the world’s sixth largest revenue generating business, by being a shrinking violet. So the fightback must be happening out of sight or is still in the planning stages.

He’s a Sun Aries opposition Saturn square Uranus, so pro-active, innovative, practical; with a fearsome and ruthless Mars in Scorpio square Pluto, and his Sun exactly opposition his Mars/Pluto midpoint, so he’s not going to be tramped underfoot for long.

His relationship chart with Trump (minus his birth time) is friendly enough though also controlling – but doesn’t throw up too many clues about the way ahead prediction-wise. Two alpha males and only one boss. Tillerson won’t take kindly to being pushed into a cupboard.

The ones he has real issues with are Stephen Bannon and Jared Kushner, who have been sitting in on foreign meetings and plotting a parallel course to the State Department. Tillerson’s relationship chart with Bannon has an argumentative composite Sun Mercury square Mars; with a power-struggling composite Jupiter square Pluto; and a suspicious, crossed-agendas Saturn Neptune square Uranus. That chart is being jolted and jangled for the next two months with a major upheaval in September/October.

With Jared Kushner, the relationship chart is no better with an implacable-dislike composite Mars square Pluto Uranus; and a disappointing/distrustful composite Sun square Neptune. They’ll be jockeying for position this month till early June; with an impatient, seriously stuck late July to late September; and a real flare up in December.

Tillerson’s personal chart looks undermined ahead and insecure with tr Neptune opposition Mars/Uranus, on and off till late 2018; and a high-tension tr Uranus square his Sun/Mars from late April, on and off till 2018. Plus a major setback tr Pluto opposition his Jupiter/Saturn midpoint in Sept/Oct, which tends to be a career loss.

Heaven help the US if the grown ups can’t get their act together and throw their weight around effectively.

Not that Jared Kushner and Stephen Bannon get on well with a disruptive composite Sun square Uranus Pluto, which is being pounded by tr Saturn hard aspects all year; plus a dissolving, undermining tr Neptune square the composite Mars this month and on into 2018.

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  1. My guess is that Tillerson, who was put into his position by a very powerful interest group, and now seems to be backed by military leadership, too, is just waiting for Bannon to walk over the edge with his dangerous policy of leaving State Department understaffed and many vital embassies, including that of Saudi Arabia, without leadership. Iran and Saudi Arabia are projected towards a full blown conflict, and something is bound to happen in the region within months. Iraq could be involved, too, now that ISIS seems all but beaten. It’s a Shia majority country, and the conflict has been brewing underneath.

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