Raine Spencer – a stepmother with attitude



Raine Spencer was nicknamed ‘Acid Rain’ by the children when she married Earl Spencer, the father of Princess Diana and Charles Spencer. Their mother had fled the nest and they did not appreciate the new incomer, though by all accounts it was a good marriage, with Raine giving him support when he fell seriously ill. She was the daughter of Barbara Cartland, the romantic novelist, did the debutante thing, married and turned into a powerhouse of energy, taking up local politics, and working for the UN.

She had an ambitious though not easy chart with Mars Mercury in Libra on her midheaven opposition a 4th house Uranus square Pluto in the 8th – volatile, uncompromising, forceful. Her 9th house Sun Virgo squared Saturn in Sagittarius opposition Jupiter in Gemini Descendant so wide interests, a traveller, a thinker and prone to mood swings.

After Diana’s divorce they did become closer and that relationship, although not exactly a marriage of hearts and minds was a good deal easier than Raine’s with her stepson, the present Earl Spencer. The relationship chart with Diana had a composite Sun Pluto trine Jupiter so there would be a possibility of it transforming and offering help in difficult circumstances. Though a chilly Moon Saturn opposition Venus and a fiery Mars square Uranus wouldn’t design it for long exposure together.

The relationship chart with Charles Spencer is unremittingly grim with a composite Sun Venus Mercury Saturn opposition Saturn possibly square Moon. So outright dislike. The moment his father died, he took over the family pile and ripped out all the decorative touches Raine had added.

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