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  1. Re Virgo…..my mother was a classic Virgo. Her whole life revolved around preparing wonderful meals, keeping a spotless, well-ordered home for my father and me–her only child (yes, I was spoiled). When my father passed away and I left the nest to pursue a career, she was utterly lost. There was no one to “do” for anymore, no one to serve. She slowly slipped into dementia. With the great help of astrology, I see her life so clearly now.

  2. From a new comment, lost way back on Mother Theresa- cold as charity.
    “Interesting, I’m dating a Virgo woman now (not my first, also had several virgo friends) and out of the blue my brain reminded me of mother teresa, when I saw her sign was virgo I almost said “I knew it!”. Virgos have a strange vibe, they wanna “help” you and all that, but for me it seems like they don’t aim for you to becoming totally independent so they don’t lose the grasp of you, it’s a weird dichotomy.”

    I’m Virgo and I know what you mean. Virgos are very service-oriented, their mission in life is to be helpful. But for that you need a helpee, so there’s sometimes a co-dependency thing going on. Virgos don’t know what to do unless there’s a task to perform, so helping someone stand on their own two feet and take wings, leaves them with a panicky sense of nothing to do. Therapists have an expression – it’s a job that successfully ends in failure. Once the work is done the patient/client leaves to be independent.
    There’s also a strong mother myth associated with Virgo – the Demeter/Persephone story, where Demeter was so enraged at her daughter being removed to be married she scorched the earth bare and insisted she come back to her six months in the year.
    But Mother Theresa was a whole different ball game, quite cruel, at the extreme end of Virgo spectrum.

    • This resonates so much with me too, Marjorie, being another Virgo. I lost a dear, elderly Aries friend this January and I would go out of my way to help her so much, especially health-wise, of which she responded well, fortunately, to my help. Strangely, I also had an undercurrent feeling from within myself, that by creating this co-dependant friendship, I was actually repressing my own needs, although I never understood what they were. Since her death, and not having a reliant relationship in my life, it’s forcing me to figure out what I want for myself and not others. Which is both scary and a little liberating, because there is an almost lack of worth attached to it. I think helping others and having a good response is validating self-worth? What then, would be the best thing to do to move forward? Just to be aware and keep space from people? It seems almost alien to imagine that, lol!

      • Virgos are very self-sufficient underneath which is a protective mechanism. I suspect the reason they surround themselves with ‘takers’ and victims is they find it difficult to receive. They complain copiously that no one gives them attention/help/things but really they are subconsciously pushing away … what? Being invaded, being made dependent, being made to feel greedy or weak? The answer is not to give yourself space from people, it’s to change your attitude to relationships. It’s as blessed to receive as to give etc.

  3. Morning, Marjorie :), So what comedy of errors await our new Hung Parliament? Can’t say I’m that surprised by the result, actually.

    • Am pondering. Certainly throws a spanner into the Brexit works. If Corbyn had put holding a 2nd referendum into his manifesto he’d have won hands down. Writing as we speak.

      • Thanks Marjorie, as May was a hard remainer, I did cynically wonder if her calling an election was the cowards way to back out of difficult negotiations, as with the country being almost a 50-50 split regarding the Brexit situation, there was no way in hell she was going to win by a landslide. To think so, was delusional. She also could barely bother herself to campaign whereas Corbyn was out and about connecting with voters, as he usually does.

        Whilst she’s being raked over the coals this morning for her ‘failure’, I’m thinking and I’m probably wrong, that behind closed doors, she’s relieved that her party still holds a strong 319 seats (& could win the 10 seats from the DUP, which would make her win) PLUS it looks like we are heading for a soft Brexit which is what she wanted all along. But as I said, I’m cynical where politics are concerned.

  4. The moderates Republicans in the Senate are now caving into the demands of the alt-right, hardcore conservative Republicans who want to repeal Obamacare and slowly phase out the Medicaid expansion. Mitch McConnell and Paul Ryan are working together use various “special rules” in order to bypass the filibuster. Various news sources, including The Huffington Post, The Hill, Politico, Think Progress and many others are reporting that the Republicans are capitalizing on the Russiagate scandal because it’s distracting people and corporate news networks from focusing on healthcare. In other words, I’m worried the Republicans have finally found a successful tactic for getting their harmful legislation passed. I know you’ve written about Obamacare before, but my question is: what do the prospects for Obamacare look like in the upcoming months? Does it appear the Republicans will be claiming victory in regards to wanting to repeal and replace it by July or September of this year?


    Chris Romero
    Jacksonville, Florida

      • @ larryc

        I’ve already read her previous posts regarding Obamacare; I mentioned that in my request above. I’m asking if Marjorie about the prospects concerning Obamacare look like in the upcoming months (between July and September).

  5. Thanks for the Heavenly Headlines, Marjorie.

    “High hopes, then disappointment, followed by dither and indecision” described week one to a T.


    Well, we should expect that by now.

  6. Also June Heavenly Headlines?

    There seems to be a difference of opinion about the potential effects of the June Full Moon — conjunct retrograde Saturn, but with a 6-degree orb.

    Thanks, Marjorie.

  7. Novak Djokovic, May 22, 1987, Belgrade, Serbia is experiencing a downswing in his tennis career. Thoughts?

    Thanks, Marjorie.

  8. I watched that programme as well —- very very sad I would love to see her horoscope — everything has walked away from her including herself.

  9. A sad programme with Lady Veronica Lucan last night which spoke of her awful relationship and the night Lucan tried to kill her, killing the nanny by mistake. With his compulsive gambling and obsession over his children, you expect a heavy 5th house or Leo influence maybe? It seems so sad that Veronica has almost been punished for a murder that was not her fault and had her children taken away from her. She is a cold, lonely old lady now. Do you think you could look at their charts if the data is available? Thanks Marjorie.

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