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  1. Marjorie: It’s heating up between London Mayor Sadiq Khan and Crazy Don. After being shamefully and unjustifiably ridiculed by Trump, Khan appears to be mounting a campaign to bar Trump from a state visit to London. Any chance of that succeeding? And just how bad is their synastry?

  2. Hi Marjorie, could you look at a couple of celebrity relationships, please?

    The 1st couple is: Ariana Grande/Mac Miller – After watching the One Love Manchester, I see she is all loved up with Rapper, Mac Miller (Jan 19 1992, Pittsburgh, USA) whom I’ve never heard of, lol. I must be getting old. They dated a few years back and then hooked up again, last year, I believe. At surface level, they look like chalk and cheese but, it’s interesting they are polar opposites on the astro spectrum. Opposites attract, obviously.

    The 2nd couple is: Christine/Frank Lampard – TV Presenter, Christine (formerly Bleakley, Feb 2 1979, Newtownards, Northern Ireland) and Frank Lampard (June 20 1978, Romford, London). On the face of it, I wouldn’t have thought an Aquarian and Cancerian, especially on an emotional level, would have much in common? But, there’s probably something more deeper going on in their charts. They married on Dec 20 2015 in Chelsea, UK.

    Thanks 🙂

  3. Er…whatever happened to Love thy Neighbour as Thyself? This ‘real’ Christianity is no different to Is and their version of Islam. They are one another’s shadow but just can’t see it’s the same attitude in different robes. Jung always said the World Shadow would become an issue.

  4. Hi Marjorie,

    Any thoughts on the French legislative elections next weekend and the weekend after (11th and 18th June)? French polls are suggesting a landslide (400+ out of 577 seats) for Macron and they have been pretty accurate in the past.

  5. Hello Marjorie – was discussing politics and revolution over dinner last night with a friend. The discussion focused on what it would take for the American people to take back their country, beginning with completely re-writing the Constitution to reflect the 21st century, not the 18th century. Does the chart for the US Constitution reflect any such evolution for, say, 50-75 yrs out? I know that’s a tough request. Thanks!

    • That would instantly create a Congressional Congress full of brand new Billionaires. Money would buy every line of the new constitution.

  6. Kathy Griffin has been very odd recently. She posed for an offensive picture with a fake trump head, and suffered job loss in the aftermath. Then she held a press conference claiming she’s being bullied.
    The photo seemed like a cynical act, she must have anticipated how offensive it would be? Then to blame other people? It seems so strange, although I’m not sure what she is usually like.
    Anything weird in her chart? 4th Nov 1960.
    Thank you

    • Just seen the pic and even though I’m no Trump fan, it’s pretty sick. Don’t know what she was thinking. What an idiot. Although I see Fox news have jumped on this calling it ‘the embodiment of what the left believe’. Seriously? If she’s the embodiment of the crazy left, it’s fair to say, Trump and Pence are the embodiment of the crazy right, but oddly, it doesn’t get covered on Fox news, because it’s the Trump propaganda machine. This is when I believe the media and news stations should be impartial to politics and hold those in power accountable and report events and behaviour as it is.

  7. Marjorie, Michael Bloomberg has conducted himself rather admirably with the contribution of 15m! Though he did convert NYC to a city of condos he still made it one of the greenest cities as well. In the light of “make our planet great again”, I wonder if you could shed some light on this new venture of his, and perhaps also his political prospects.

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