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  1. Prospects for Devin Nunes, October 1, 1973, Tulare, CA (Wikipedia)?

    Late-night, cloak-and-dagger intelligence meeting at the White House just the latest in his apparent campaign to protect the President.

    Recusing himself and/or blocking investigation of Trump campaign collusion with Russia to affect the outcome of the 2016 election?

    Thanks, Marjorie.

    • Yes, Marjorie, would be good to know whether he will dig himself out of this because it is pretty clear what he has done. Thanks

  2. Republican Party, 1856 chart – There’s a typo here, it has to be “tr Uranus opposition Mars in 2018/19”, not tr Pluto.
    “The 1856 chart has a disappointing tr Neptune conjunct Jupiter exactly now and on till late 2017; with a disruptive tr Pluto trine Uranus as well this year; an emotionally upsetting tr Uranus square Venus from May onwards for a year; and a hugely frustrating tr Pluto opposition Mars in 2018/19. With more upsets from tr Uranus conjunct Pluto in 2018/19.”

  3. Re Eclipses, any thoughts on those coming on June 21 2020 (going through Asia, Arabia and Africa) and April 8 2024
    (going through Canada/USA) and their effects?
    Thank you if you look into Marjorie and have a great week!

    • Hm, all just game playing at the moment. Was one of Stalin’s favourite techniques – nice and nasty. Throws people off balance.

      • sadly, I suspect that’s true, Marjorie. Not much glimmer of light anywhere. Except the fact that The Donald is digging a massive hole for himself that will give his Republican pals an excuse to get rid of him. do you feel they have been using this poor fool simply to get in power then ditch him? It’s been done before.

  4. Dear Marjorie,

    In the past few years, there have been some attacks either in or in the vicinity of Parliaments around the world.

    India – 13th December 2001
    Canada – 22nd October 2014
    EU – 22nd March 2016. While not on the EU Parliament, one of the bombs went off in the Tube station close to the EU headquarters.
    UK – 22nd March 2017

    Do you see any astrological patterns to either the nations or to the Parliaments that were attacked?

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