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  1. Thank you, Marjorie. So true about people who take care of themselves and those who don’t. My aunt, for example, lived to age 87 and was a chain smoker her entire life, lighting up a fresh cigarette every 40 minutes. She also ate mostly junk food. She was nonetheless energetic and robust right up to the end. As much as I detest Trump, I don’t wish him ill health-wise (politically, yes). Just couldn’t help but wonder about the effects of his unhealthy lifestyle. Two things I didn’t mention in my post: he has been labeled borderline obese by his doctor and he brags about requiring only four hours of sleep nightly (not good, according to physicians). Like Trump, my aunt was a Republican Gemini–the secret to longevity? LOL! The Mars emphasis re Trump’s chart over the next couple of years…..very interesting. Thanks again.

  2. Hi Marjorie,
    I have been going through your older posts on the UK, the EU and Germany (the first two from the end of December and the latter from last month). They suggest a financial stress on the EU and a particular (maybe unrelated) stress on Germany in particular. That makes me think that the Euro/Greece thing is going to surface again. Can you look at the charts of the Euro and of Greece and see anything emerging in the next two-three years?

    While I know you are not particularly keen on charts of political parties, can you look at the chart of the Alternatif fur Deutschland (AfD) and see how it meshes with the chart for Germany? As an aside, if looking at political structures of a country, does it make sense to look at the chart of the country’s foundation (such as the Germany chart of 1871) or its most recent political restructuring (either the foundation of the Bundesrepublik or German reunification)?

    And finally, as an unrelated topic, I presume Pluto is the ruler of oil & gas (as underground sources of wealth). How does the current transition of Pluto through Capricorn affect the oil and gas industry? And of our consumption of these natural resources?

  3. How deep is Sen. John McCain’s hatred of Obama compared to his distaste for the current president? How much effort will he really put into investigating Trump’s ties to Russia? He seems resistant to call bs on Trump’s wiretapping claims. I imagine that he and Sen. Graham are at pains to oppose Trump while still denigrating all things Obama. The enemy of their enemy seems also to be their enemy.

  4. Marjorie: Wondering about Trump’s health prognosis. He’s 70 years old and adheres to a high-fat, high-calorie diet, admitting his love for Kentucky Fried Chicken, Big Macs and fries. He boasts that he never exercises (he rides around in a golf cart on the golf course). Plus he has to deal with the mind-numbing pressures of the Oval Office 24/7, with many a calamitous setback. Surely all the above have got to take their toll physically. Or is he made of reinforced steel?

    • Julie, If you look back on previous Trump posts there is a fair bit of activity on his Mars, building up through transits to his Mars midpoints from now on; tr Uranus trine his Mars from May; and then the August Solar Eclipse conjunct his Mars. This last one always carries a warning not to let anger or adrenaline go into overdrive otherwise physical problems can follow. Then even worse his Solar Arc Uranus is conjunct his Mars, exact mid 2018, but could trigger before – that has a warning of accidents, operations or, in older people, heart problems. He’s run on high, frenetic activity all of his life and in an odd way might collapse health-wise faster if he had time on his hands, but there will come a point where his body says enough. His Solar Return from June 2016 for a year had Pluto in the 6th which could point to the start of something – or just an over heavy workload. SR from June 2017 for a year has low energy Neptune.
      Some people can run on with extraordinarily unhealthy lifestyles, while others who stick to the guidelines keel over. But he’s certainly facing an increasingly bumpy ride ahead.

  5. Good morning Marjorie,
    Is there anything going on in Ireland’s Chart at the moment? I ask as this dreadful Tuam babies scandal has erupted (you will have to google re it as too long to explain/relate here) and looks like there will be a Tribunal of Inquiry and there were other scandals
    in other Convents where young pregnant girls were placed by their Parents in the from the 1800s to the 1960s.
    Realise Uranus will be hovering around Ireland’s Sun in Aries (if 1 follows the 18 April 1949 Chart soon)
    Thank you if you look into and have a good day!

  6. Yesterday, bold online headlines about Travel Ban 2.0…and today? Absolutely nothing, like it never happened. But wait! The GOP has decided that poor people would rather buy an iPhone than healthcare. Their healthcare.

    I have neither.

  7. Having just watched ‘Jackie’ has reminded me of her sister, Lee Radziwill. The only times that Jackie Kennedy Onassis looked really free and happy are in photos with her sister, yet she left nothing to her in her Will, with the cryptic comment that Lee knows why.
    Please would you have a look at Lee’s chart. She was ‘the pretty one’ with a fascinating life socialising, including Warhol years and dilettante-ing with interior decoration and such like. She apparently has truly exquisite taste and talent, yet compared to Jackie (!! who would want a comparison like that thrust on them? Sibling rivalry ++) has achieved relatively little. It’s interesting to wonder what sort of lives they both would have led, if they hadn’t been raised simply to marry well.
    And also daughter Caroline’s chart please.
    Thank you.

  8. Marjorie,

    I was wondering Trumps’ kids and their astrology in the near future. I don’t think they are any cleaner than their father.

  9. How do you suppose the new Trump Travel Ban will work out this time? It was signed today March 6th 2017, maybe around midday-ish. It is scheduled to go into effect March 16th 2017 12:01am.

  10. I was wondering about the US 2018 midterm election.Who looks happier from November into January 2018 when a new congress convens?
    Chuck Schumer or Mitch McConnell?Nancy Pelosi
    or Paul Ryan?

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