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  1. Hi Marjorie, I see that it looks like Ashley Judd born 4/19/1968 at 13.12 p.m., in either Grandada Hills or Sylmar, CA
    was the Star of the Marches today. Any thoughts?
    Best wishes, Michael

  2. M.O. Now that Barack & Michelle Obama are now out of the W.H. what does the future hold for both? What do their charts indicate for their private & public lives? Thanks for answering my Obama care question!

  3. Good morning Marjorie and a belated Happy New Year!
    In the New York Post this morning (January 20), there is a fascinating Article re the history of Trump Tower in NYC
    since it opened on 2/14/1983, any thoughts as after White House will be a focus of attention (as it has been in recent months)
    for the times ahead.
    Best wishes,

  4. LarryC I’ve now had my second SR very early Sag and only now can I see why the old devil shut down my previous career and lifestyle.. to make way for a new and equally fulfilling one. I had a broken foot, a lot of dental work during that period which stopped me literally in my tracks forcing me to reflect. I did brood on my mortality a lot however but I’m through that. It is certainly a very real experience.

  5. The first Saturn Return is the first maturing influence. We all think we come of age at 18 or 21 but really it’s at 29. That’s when reality kicks in and you have to get a sensible grip. It’s usually pressured on the run up and way through and all the Saturnine demands of self-discipline, self-control, sticking to the straight and narrow come into play. It’ll be trickier with Uranus Neptune in your chart which tends to have a maverick streak and you will anyway pick up the tr Saturn conjunctions to Ur Nep on the way through. Really it’s aim is to get you to focus on how you are going to handle career ambitions and life’s practicalities now you are no longer an adult child but finally a proper adult. Good luck.

  6. Just wondered about the likelihood of a split in the UK labour party. Labour down to 25% in a poll today and in a muddle on the big issue of the next few years – Brexit. Corbyn’s ratings are dire but he shows no sign of going. Alternatively, are there better prospects for the Lib Dems?

  7. I’m thinking Melania Trump is quite intuitive. Any person I’ve met from Eastern Europe is quietly superstitious and the Mars Saturn combination on inauguration day makes me think assassination attempt. Baba Vanga (famous older lady renowned for her predictions) very popular in her part of the world…had a bit to say about this presidency.
    Mel may be smarter than she lets on 🙂

  8. Marjorie, have you done a post solely on Melania Trump?

    In a comment on the “Inauguration–a Mars-Saturn Blight on Celebrations”, I noted that Melania Trump did not even show up at the Pre-Inauguration party, and I thought she must have mental issues.

    Husband becomes President and she can’t bother with anything?

  9. During my first, I was forced to unlearn bad habits, unhealthy lifestyles. It’s an event which does offer great insight into one’s role – but how the wisdom is integrated into the person depends on who that person is. Have just passed my second return – far less dramatic changes are being faced. What used to push my buttons back then are now not even noticed, well, hardly noticed. Of course, I’m 30 years the wiser 😉

  10. Opinions about saturn return? Especially the first? It is approaching and would love to read about it. I am part of the uranus-neptune-saturn stellium so I suppose that it will be even weirder. But any comment would be appreciated!

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