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  1. Hi Marjorie, could you please have a look at Divergent actress, Shailene Woodley’s chart (Nov 15 1991, Simi Valley, California, USA – Can’t find a birth time). She has been using her celebrity for good in being an extremely vocal voice for the Native Americans trying to fight against the Dakota Pipeline fiasco happening right now, although fat lot of good that is doing seeing as none of her frustrations are aired on the corrupted mainstream news stations which appear to always have a propaganda view in manipulating situations for their viewers or keeping them completely hush hush.

    Also, if there are any charts for Dakota/Native Indians/Bully Boy corporations/Government sectors involved in all of this and if it will hopefully turn out for the better. Though, I won’t hold my breath. I see the white folks turned the pipeline away because it would poison their water, so the big guns thought, ‘oh, we’ve got a great idea. Let’s lay it through land that is home and sacred to Indians. Let’s screw the tribes ’cause Natives don’t count.’ Violence and scare tactics have been employed via the police towards the native protesters, in particular. Even Donald Trump is all for this pipeline going through, surprise surprise!

    When will we ever learn? Here’s a clip (1m 49s) of Shailene whilst on the Dakota Protests. She seems pretty impassioned to fight on their behalf and it’s nice to see a celebrity actually use their fame for a very important cause.

    Thanks Marjorie 🙂

    • I thought I recently read that Trump has a financial stake in the pipeline too. So as president elect……. isn’t this now a conflict of interest. How will that be dealt with and who’s gonna deal with it?

      All very shady!!!

      • That doesn’t surprise me at all, Jennifer. Although he has said ‘publicly’ he will step away from his business connections due to conflict of interest, but as I said, that is publicly. He has ALWAYS shown a pattern for under the desk dealings. His hypocrisy absolutely staggers me but doesn’t surprise me, considering I’ve had experiences with those loathsome narcissist types. They wreak nothing but misery on people. They’re like psychological cancer and the damage they do to a family tree is tremendous. He is the product of a screwed up family himself but too immature to work it out, in this life anyway, if such thing as reincarnation is true.

        I read this morning all of the members he has/is choosing to pick for his party are extreme anti-LGBT, he wants ‘American Patriotism’ taught on the school curriculum, he wants to ban the internet and certain books, he is disgustingly anti-women and yaks on about them with pedo overtones, he looks down on Cuba, condemns Muslims and other ethnic groups for just ‘being’ let alone just living a certain way, a massive tax overhaul that will no doubt deplete the already struggling poor and working classes and swell the elites pockets, etc…..and yet what is so bitterly surprising is he wants to replicate an ideology more befitting of the Taliban with a 21st century twist!! How does he NOT get it?!

        I read another Astrologer’s site, so I don’t know if Marjorie agrees, but she says when looking over historical events the astrology always fits and the Jupiter in Libra (equality, women being recognized) has yet to play out. Uranus is at 20 Aries, Saturn at 20 Sagittarius, Jupiter at 20 Libra, which indicates something shocking about to happen in the last week of Christmas. She thinks possible impeachment? I’m not sure she’s putting much credence on Trump’s Birth certificate now because there is too much contradictory info regarding it.

        I do still think all of this political upset and the anger from the masses right now is a celestial telephone call to wake the heck up and get our crap together though!

        • Forgot to add (again!) that the astrologer says that Trump will have Saturn conjunct his North Node and oppose his South Node and will go onto oppose his Sun throughout December and January, which she says is very serious. Don’t know what Marjorie’s interpretation of that is? Don’t those Nodes indicate Karmic lessons to be learned when aspected by transit?

  2. Dear Marjorie,

    Can you please write about Austria’s coming election (4th Dec.). I think Hofer will be new elected President (Uranus squares Austria’s MC). Austria’s progressive sun will also change sign to Pisces and conjunct the Moon in two years. What could that mean?

    Now, a personal matter. The Eclipse on 26th February falls exact on my 6th house Sun. (New Moon in Solar Return.) My progressive Sun is about to conjunct my natal Moon. My Solar Return chart has Saturn exact on MC (bad for career) and a 12th house Stellium (isolation). I am thinking about relocation to get the planets out of my 12th house. What do you think about changing your SR by travelling?

    Have you made any experiences with one of these aspects? As far as I can tell, everything points to some health related/career issues.

    • Hi Is her Mars in the 8th? And what degree? Sorry I can’t get my head round these things unless I see the chart. It sounds much more than just a New Moon in Libra problem which is presumably in the 9th? And she’ll have tr Pluto going through her 12th which will bring up psychological issues.

  3. Dear Marjorie

    This is a personal rather than political question/comment. Someone with Libra moon at 15 deg and sun at 12 degree is acting out and having temper tantrums ( she’s 32). I put it down to the square with Pluto and Jupiter exacerbating it all. We have to stay away from her ( family member). What degree would you use for Pluto separating from this exact square? The FAS seem to use very wide orbs but it doesn’t feel right to me. This has gone of for the past 3-4 years and family life is at breaking point.
    Thank you for your excellent work. I read your insights every day.

    • AB, Difficult to say without seeing the whole chart. Where’s her Mars? The past two or three years will certainly have been high stress with Uranus and Pluto in hard aspect to her Sun and Moon. Tr Pluto does take time to wind down on the far side of transits and that will depend to some extent on the individual. How they absorb what they have been through, the lessons they have learned and what they’ve cleared out of their lives. But I would see that as a few months, ie. two or three degrees, rather than any more.

  4. What is coming up for Nigel Farage? He seems to have jumped on the Trump Train, will he land a lucrative job in the US? Or is there any chance we’ve seen the last of him?

  5. Hi i Marjorie,
    India PM Modi’s demonitisation appears to be a rolling crisis for the real economy. There cannot be an individual not affected by at least great inconvenience to gross loss of livelihood and savings. Here everything is conducted in cash and since 86% of it has been removed that portion of the economy that transacts in cash (a whopping 12% of GDP) remains paralysed. Even now no one can obtain more than 2,500 rupees $30 a day from ATM’s even if you can get near one with stocks of legal bamk notes. The hit to real economy is enormous and it is clearly associated with Modi himself. Can he survive this? I have my doubts.

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