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  1. ‘Hank goes to heaven, in the backseat of a Cadillac,’ I found incredibly inspiring. The lyric was taken from a newspaper headline reporting Hank William’s death. Yet I know next to nothing about him.

    Marjorie, could you do a post on him?

  2. Was reading the Sept monthly headlines. For Sept 7, “7: New Moon in Virgo – new beginnings”

    I start a new job on Sept 7. How appropriate!

  3. There are a lot of celebrity deaths & ill-health in the UK these last few weeks, and a lot of them from Cancer so it seems. Anything going on?

    • There is certainly an odd stuckness or something more critical in the air. Problems piling on problems groundhog-day style. Will ponder what to blame it on tomorrow.

  4. Marjorie, when you have time, if you could profile Leonard Leo. He has put six Supreme Court Justices on the bench. He is part of the Federalist Society, has Trumps ear, rumor has it he is Opus Dei, and he is a figure in the shadows that has packed the courts, and is not a good influence on the USA. It will probably take you some time to research him, but I think people need to know what he is doing. Thanks. KT


  5. Good evening Ms. Orr
    I would be most interested if you could check Charles Brewster Ross called “Charley” born in Philadelphia on May 4, 1870. The wee lad was kidnapped on July 1, 1874. It was 1st kidnapping for ransom in U.S.A. The child was never seen or heard again. Can The boy’s whereabouts can be solved in his astrology chart? I realized this crime is very old!
    Kind regards,

  6. The shortages of food and general goods are evident on the shelves of the UK’s supermarkets. I have noticed the shelves becoming more and more empty. There is little coverage of this in mainstream media,though social media coverage of this seems to be growing.
    At what point,if any ,will this be addressed by the UK government?
    Thank you.

  7. I see that Andrew Neil has quit GB News. Looking at Marjorie’s article on GB News, it looks like events are unfurling as predicted. Retrograde Neptune is right now squaring the GB News Sun in Gemini as is transit Mars in Virgo, while opposing the GB Neptune.

    • Post May 29 2021 – I never understood why Andrew Neil tied himself into what sounded like a questionable loony-right outfit. I can’t find a birthdate for the AU chief exec Angelo P apart from July 1965. I suspect its a punch up between two alpha males. Neil is probably well out of it.

  8. Marjorie – how about a post on ABBA’s reunion for something lighter please?

    With the timing of their success, they evoked the Pluto in Libra era, two couples and some dark lyrics/themes under the beautiful music.

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