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  1. “Coronavirus has devastated Moscow. Now it’s spreading across Russia’s 11 time zones to ill-funded regions”


    Things aren’t looking any better for the Russians concerning covid-19…”According to Johns Hopkins University, the country now ranks second in the world for confirmed coronavirus cases.
    The Russian capital has been hardest hit. Of Russia’s total of 281,752 confirmed cases, over half — 142,824 — are in Moscow…”

  2. The media are finally catching up with investigating the background of Tara Reade – Joe Biden’s accuser. What they found does undercut her credibility.



    See post May 3 2020.

    Also of interest Tara Reade, 26 February 1964 is a Sun Mars in Pisces – so similar to Isola Lopez Riano, the Killing Eve inspiration, see below May 14 2020 post, though she’s three weeks later birth.

    • Just looking at her photo in the top article makes me shiver. A manipulator, lacking ethics. One picture is worth a thousand words.

  3. Orange Man has announced that a warp-speed American vaccine will be ready by the end of the year. [Just like millions of covid-19 tests to be available. Real. Soon. Now.]

    Just in time for Christmas and the elections.

    What’s the astrological cxhances of that happening? 😉

  4. Mary-Kate Olsen files for divorce from Olivier Sarkozy, emergency petition denied


    “”I think we’re lucky [working hard] comes quite naturally for us. We don’t need so much time to sit and think and ponder,” Olsen said. “But then I have a husband, two step-kids and a life; I have to go home and cook dinner.””

    Ain’t marriage tough? She also forgot to state that she (and her sister) shares a mountian of money, n’est pas? Poor girl.

  5. how bout.elon musk? ;forget you know who. he is the most totally bizarre fake in the history of media fakedom; an astonishing jive artist.

  6. Richard Burr, Senate Intelligence Chair resigns under investigation for insider trading. see post March 21 2020.

  7. Hi Marjorie,
    I wonder if you have any idea how the current astrological upheavals will affect conservative regions like Afghanistan and Pakistan? Is there any chance of a shift away from the endless violence and repression? I’m writing after the news that a maternity ward was attacked by gunmen, who killed babies, their mothers and nurses in Afghanistan. Just insane levels of callousness.
    Thanks. And thanks for your prolific analyses, I check out your site every day.

  8. I re-read your posts the constitutional court judgement earlier this month, and also the posts on Germany and Merkel back in mid-2019. Very interesting how the predictions are panning out.

    With the CoVid pandemic Merkel has taken centre stage again at both national and European level. Her and CDU approval rating has gone up too.

    The current contestants for upcoming leadership elections of CDU are :

    Armin Laschet born 18 Feb 1961
    Friedrich Merz born 11 November 1955
    Norbert Röttgen born 2 July 1965

    Does any of these candidates appear to have a chance to lead Germany. Or, is there a chance she will contest in 2021 and continue as Chancellor ?


  9. Belarus has done no lockdown for the coronavirus – they go on as usual.

    What do you see for this countries future?

    Thank you!

  10. Hello Marjorie. Is it possible to glean some positive news from the 2024 and 2028 elections? Or are the trolls now so embedded themselves into American society?


    • Oh, in case you still have a President and Inauguration, I like both 2025 and 2029 charts better than 2017 and 2021. Especially a well aspected Venus/Saturn in 2025 chart. This administration should work well with Congress and Courts, pushing for true structural changes, especially since it has Sun/Pluto. In the long run, I think that if Biden wins this one and gets a competent VP in, she will be elected in 2025. I’m also expecting Senate to turn blue if not this year, after 2022 midterms. Obviously, this could be indicative of some sort of a Fascist hellscape Administration that’s, however, more competent than the current one.

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