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  1. Florence Nightingale? She would be 200 tomorrow.
    Born 12 May 1820 in Florence, Italy at 14.00p.m., thank you if you comment re her!

  2. Roger–appreciate your inquiry re Harry Truman–my all-time favorite U.S. president. He was a no B.S. kind of guy–straight-shooter–what you see is what you get, etc. The sign on his desk in the Oval Office read “The Buck Stops Here.” He was so real…..zero ostentation….zero greed…..when he left office he and his wife retired to their little modest house in their hometown in Missouri. For him, it was all about service to country. Period. God how we could use the likes of him now. I, too, would be very interested in his astrology.

    • There’s a letter on file in the online Truman library that makes clear the U.S.’s positioning of itself in the Middle East after WW II is very much about access to oil. Absolutely no B.S. there.

  3. Any views on Mexico’s outlook Marjorie?
    Seems like it declared independence from Spain on 16 September 1810 at 5.20a.m., in Mexico City.
    Though am sure there are other dates/times.
    Thank you if you comment.

  4. I always admired and wondered about President Harry S. Truman born 8 May 1884 at 16.00p.m., in Lamar, Missouri.
    Talk about being dropped in the deep end after the death of FDR and a hard act to follow, but he managed
    with aplomb, straight talk and had so many events to deal with – ending of World War 2, Potsdam Conference,
    Hiroshima and Nagasaki, Berlin Blockade, setting up of UN and Bretton Wood Conference for instance.
    Thank you if you look into him Marjorie.

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