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  1. The end is near for the Trump Kim bromance?

    “Daily NK, an online newspaper based in South Korea that focuses on North Korea, reports that Kim reportedly received a cardiovascular system procedure on April 12.

    Kim received the cardiovascular system procedure because of “excessive smoking, obesity, and overwork,” according to the news site, and is now receiving treatment in a villa in Hyangsan County following his procedure.”

    Overwork? Tough work offing one’s family members…

  2. for Sally – Trump does not put America first – he puts money and himself and his family first – Ask any New Yorker – I lived there for 30 years… and New Yorkers know – I think you need to watch Governor Cuomo to get the real picture …

  3. Hi Marjorie

    What is the general significance of a Void Of Course Moon?

    I ask as apparently Starmer’s announcement as Lab leader had this, also wasn’t it in the Trump administration inauguration chart? I seem to recall that it featured in the last UK GE chart too, and possibly in Obama’s first term inauguration chart (could be wrong on that one though).


    • In horary astrology it is generally considered an indication that nothing will come of the matter. Yes, on Obama’s Inauguration with the Moon at a last gasp 29 Scorpio 47 minutes.

    • It is a traditional technique used in horary, but I use it quite a lot generally. It’s so easy to track these days on your phone that I have observed it quite a lot in real time. An example I can think of off the top of my head is overhearing my husband arranging a business trip (before the virus) while noticing the moon was VoC; straight away I thought “oh that’s a shame” and started trying to figure out why it wouldn’t happen. Sure enough the flight was cancelled and I wasn’t a bit surprised.

      We are taught that the key phrase is “nothing will come of this” when the moon is VoC. It can mean that whatever is planned or thought about won’t happen, but also it may also mean that things don’t go as expected.

      I don’t know an awful lot about American politics, but I guess the policies that Obama was elected on were either blocked during his presidency or reversed by his successor. If there is a VoC Moon during the election itself, we might think that the public are not going to get what they expect.

  4. Any thoughts on Vince McMahon born 24 August 1945 in Pinehurst, NC?
    Head of the WWE and in the news a lot lately, XFL that he set up to challenge the NFL
    gone into Chapter 11, WWE letting go a lot of staff, lost his 1st Employee during the week,
    yet appointment by Trump as 1 of the Advisors to re-open the US Economy.
    Thank you if you look into him.

  5. Hi. It’s Sally (Virgo). I have read the analysis of Donald Trump and whilst I understand the concern over his style I personally have found Trumps approach to the crisis far more positive constructive and optimistic than our present UK leadership. He always tells it as it is and Mike Pence deputises well when Trump requires an affable aide He has definitely tempered his monologues in more recent press conferences and as a fanatical patriot he always puts America and the American people first. He is best placed to put America back on its feet. He is a super driven billionaire businessman who whilst minded about the sneaky nature of the virus will take the appropriate economic decisions to support and invigorate the American economy. He has many critics but he weathers the media storm and sticks to his guns. One has to admire such ideological resilience. Trump. You either love him or hate him.

    • There was a story I read this week about the Spanish flu epidemic which killed zillions of people in 1918/19. Fairly far through, people were getting fed up with the lockdown and they had a celebratory concert/party or whatever to mark what they hopefully thought was the end of it. As a result another 5000 people died. The lockdown was speedily brought back. There’s optimistic and there’s delusional.
      A billionaire? Another high level business man dismissed Trump as a con man with credit. Until the mysteries of Deutsche Bank are plumbed I won’t be convinced how many dollars he actually has in surplus.

      • I’m sorry, Sally, I’m not sure what world of delusions you live in regarding the congenital grifter Trump’s ability to lead the US out of this pandemic. The only ones who seem to share your views are the viscerally committed members of his “base,” those who are actively promoting spread of further infection through their highly staged, politically motivated protests. The vast majority of rational Americans see him as the constant liar he is, consistent only in his efforts to dodge responsibility for his criminally negligent behavior. And Pence is his enabler. Both have the blood of over 40,000 Americans (and daily climbing) on their hands.

    • United States, April 1, 2020, 188,713 cases of covid, 3,896 deaths

      United States, 18 days later: 710,331 cases of covid, 37,150 deaths

      Trump is a useless poser.

    • You know what, let’s Trump get the covid-19 and see how “optimistic” and ready to open then country he will be after spending a couple of weeks in isolation and possibly in hospital, as BoJo did.

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