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  1. Do you have any insight into what’s going on with NATO, Russia, and the Baltic countries? Putin just shook up a lot of the top government positions in Kaliningrad, replacing the previous directors with people he knows well from within his intelligence agencies. NATO (and the US) have played with fire by scooting right up against Russian territory. I’m concerned about what the repercussions will be in this very volatile year. The risks of accidental nuclear conflict, or intentional threats to gain territory, seem higher than normal. Thoughts?

  2. Thanks so much for answering my question! It explains why so many men of 19 and 20 are committing suicide, becoming fanatical and happy to self immolate for Isis etc. There is something so harsh and unfeeling about this mixture. But how about the women born umder the Pluto in Scorpio and strong Capricorn influences, one wonders? Are they more likely to be the victims of rape, slavery, murder and so on with these charts? Some do join armies, perhaps go for medecine? We Pluto in Leo lot have been lucky on the whole, more interested in having love affairs, making money and good times!

  3. Wonderful insights into social media, Marjorie. Generations are interesting snd Many of those born when Pluto was in Scorpio and then those with Pluto in Sagittarius must now be the instigators of how things are controlled now. So every twenty years or so must mean a shift in young attitudes. Have you any thoughts on how those born during this period may turn out?

  4. Fascinating work on the historical aspects and the impacts on society, then and now.
    Also excellent insights into Donald Trumps chart and character make up. Too bad we have to witness his behaviour day in day out, not sure we can stand it all the way to November.
    Please give us hope and say that Hillary has a chance.
    Thank you,
    Stuart, Florida

  5. I don’t know if I’ve asked this before, so apologies if I did!

    What do you think Pluto in Aquarius will entail? I’m thinking a whole new type of Internet and maybe new power sources.

  6. Hi Marjorie,
    Thank you for answering my question re Lloyds, Insurance, Banks etc., been a few of those weeks, so apologies for late thank you!
    Re lighter question/s you asked for! I see Jupiter moving into Libra on 9/9, how will this manifest? (And on a selfish note hope good for my Dad born 2/10 and Niece born 26/9!)
    And again thank you if you look into! All the best, Henry

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