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  1. There’s an excellent, must-read article at this morning: “Inside Trump’s First Pentagon Briefing.” It’s incredibly revealing, showing just how simple-minded and clueless Trump is. He clearly has the intellect of an 8-year-old (apologies to 8-year-olds.)

  2. Is Andrew Scheer likely to be the next Canadian Prime Minister?
    He was born 20 May 1979 at 8.25a.m., in Ottawa, Ontario, Canada.
    Have a nice weekend Marjorie and thank you if you have any thoughts.

  3. Christina Hendricks of Mad Men fame and a lot of independent films in recent years getting separated.
    Born May 3 1975 at 8.12a.m., in Knoxville, TN.
    Any thoughts on her Marjorie?

  4. I was wondering about connections between the 1960s Pluto Uranus conjunction and the transiting Pluto trine – might it be poking the early Gen Xs? What does a Pluto trine Pluto do to a generation especially when Uranus is part of the mix?

  5. I wonder if you would have some time to take a quick look at our British charts, considering the deal and the Parliament vote, which is scheduled tomorrow. As usual, thanks a ton for all these lovely piece.

  6. “Worth noting: The Moody model has only missed the Electoral College winner one time in its existence. 2016.”

    My feeling is that Trump & the machine have programmed americans toward numbness. He may just take the election.

    It is a great shame if it were to come.

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