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  1. Germany according to its latest Chart (the reunification became official on 3 October 1990 at 00.00 CET in Berlin)
    will soon be experiencing its 1st Saturn Return (around December I believe).
    Any thoughts as to this Marjorie?
    And thank you if you do.

  2. Oktoberfest commenced yet again in Munich yesterday at 12.00p.m..
    It started as a celebration marking Prince Ludwig marrying Princess Therese on October 12 1810 and ended with a horse race
    on October 17 1810 and the happy couple decided that the same festival should take place annually
    and it gathered momentum and even served as an influence for the 1st Olympic Games in 1896.
    In attendance will be over 7 Million people for its 16 day duration and it will serve over 7 million litres of beer.
    Am thirsty now after typing all that, any thoughts Marjorie as to this spectacular festival/event?

  3. Hi Marjorie, I see that “The Far Side” cartoons are commencing again by Gary Larson (born 14 August 1950 in Tacoma, WA).
    See the announcement of GL’s Website –, they started on 1 January 1980
    and he ended them on 1 January 1995. They were in almost 2,000 newspapers globally
    and was syndicated by Chronicle Features and then Universal Press Syndicate.
    Would you have any thoughts re him and timing of his comeback? (and thank you if you do).

  4. Realise you covered Brad Pitt so well recently Marjorie.
    What about Ad Astra released 18 September last which is getting Stellar reviews?
    Was directed by James Gray born 14 April 1969 in New York, NY.
    Thank you if you look into.

  5. The World Cup Rugby tournament just kicked off in Tokyo at 19.47p.m., local time.
    Any thoughts Marjorie re the tournament ahead?
    And thank you if you do.

  6. Hi Marjorie,

    Thanks for your consistent stellar writing and analyses . You are truly astrology’s great ladies. I would like to see what yoh have to say about Ed Buck, a wealthy Democratic donor and businessman . Buck was born on August 28,1954 time unknown.

    He was arrested and accused this week in facilitating a near fatal meth od of a man in his LA apartment.

    This man is now 3rd known person to have overdosed at Buck’s home with the first two dead of meth overdoses.

    Its incredible this man was still able to maintain his freedom to do what he reportedly does which is injecting these men, who he paid as male prostitutes, with large quantities of meth and other drugs.

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