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11 thoughts on “Questions & Comments

  1. Hi Marjorie!

    Thank you for your insights.
    Could you have a look into Dick and Angel Strawbridge please? Escape to the Chateau couple are joy to watch.
    As always – many thanks!

  2. Marjorie – I’ve read today about another three potential mass shootings averted…planned by young people well under 30. What is so fascinaing about death and killing that motivates this age group? Will this become a totally lost generation? Afflicted by Instagram and Snapchat…and other media? Do they truly have nothing to look forward to except the “afterlife”?

  3. “Trump affirms that Mike Pence will be 2020 running mate”

    The madness is official!

    I wonder how the Pences will enjoy playing golf on the Greenland icecaps…

    That aside, how does the longevity (or positivity) of this particular union (trump/pence) play out for the next wave of presidential madness? Many thanks.

  4. Marjorie

    Is there a particular orb for the Saturn Pluto conjunction in personal charts? Thinking specifically how it will impact my 3rd house Capricorn Sun (27°) and my 1st house Scorpio Mars (26°). Any information useful, thanks.

    • It won’t affect your Mars since the Saturn Pluto is in the last third of Capricorn. Your Sun doesn’t get the tr Pluto conjunction for another couple of years, so really only Saturn next year which is downbeat but not disastrous.

      • Marjorie

        Many thanks for this. I asked about the orb to my Mars in hope that it sextiling the SP conjunction might “counter-balance” any sombre Saturn influence next year.

  5. Marjorie, I see that “The Irishman” directed by Martin Scorsese born November 17 1942 at 00.24 a.m., in Flushing, NY
    is previewing at the New York Film Festival on September 27 next. It stars Robert de Niro born on August 17 1943 at 3.00 a.m.,
    in Brooklyn, NY (you’ve covered him before I see), Al Pacino born April 25 1940 at 11.02 a.m., in Manhattan, NY
    and Joe Pesci born February 9 1943 at 11.45 a.m., in Newark, NJ amongst others.
    It’s a Netflix production but advance word is high.
    Any thoughts?

  6. Now that Stacey Abrams has officially announced she’s not running for the Presidency this time around, but is open to a VP spot, and plans to launch an anti voter suppression campaign. Can you kindly do an update on her Ms. Orr?

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