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  1. Hello Marjorie,
    Following the death of Jonathan Cainer earlier this year, for such a high profile popular celebrity, Jonathan Caner has had a quite understated passing.
    As a mark of respect it would be nice to hear something about him in the media. Or perhaps it was planned so that a mark of respect is the silence. If so, I hope my posting this comment do not offend his family or memory.
    He was a pleasure and will be a miss.

  2. Good afternoon Marjorie,
    I was wondering re the effect/s of recent drama, this past month and week’s events on the future of Lloyds of London?
    The 1st reference I can find is an advertisement in the London Gazette dated 18-21 February 1688 re Lloyds Coffee House
    being open for business. It was further regulated by the Lloyd’s Act 1871.
    Thank you if you look into or can!

  3. Hi Marjorie – any thoughts about the famous D.B. Cooper, skyjacker from 1971 who parachuted from a commercial airliner over Oregon? The FBI officially closed its case against him.

  4. your masterly summary of the Saturn Neptune square is much appreciated, Marjorie. You mentioned some time back that Neptune in its sign Pisces is often connected with the rise of Islam. Pisces is to my mind a passive ‘feminine’ sign and Islam a ‘feminine’ religion ….the symbol on their flag Moon conjunt Venus! And the religion is a highly emotional one aswell as deep feeling. It may seem odd that the present attitude is to subjugate women but it is known that mothers have huge influence on Arab men. (I was born in Cairo so know a little about it). So all in all we live in times when the Feminine is taking the stage. Will this mean gentleness, less war, love……rather doubt it! Women can be warriors too!

  5. Marjorie: I’d be most interested in knowing your astro thoughts re the lawsuit
    former Fox News star Gretchen Carlson has filed against Fox honcho Roger Ailes.
    Does she stand a chance against such a Goliath in court? How does their
    synastry look? Many thanks in advance.

  6. Most appreciative of your analysis of NZ’s chart. Pluto/Uranus tie in with next year’s general election.

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