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  1. Sean Hannity seems to have a Svengali-like hold over Donald Trump. Now it looks like he’s goaded Trump into declaring a national emergency over the border wall.

    Do you see any negative fallout for Hannity in the coming months? What does his composite chart with Trump look like?

    Hannity has a heavily laden Capricorn chart, with Pisces rising.
    DOB Dec 30, 1961
    10:30 am New York City

  2. Hi Marjorie.
    So it is Black History Month in the USA and I just finished watching a lovely documentary on Teddy Pendergrass “If You Don’t Know Me”…on CraveTV.
    (born March 26, 1950 in Philadelphia, PA.. no time that I could find)
    What a remarkable man and life. Such a huge amount of talent.
    And then the accident.
    And his death at 59.

    At the end he sings on stage at the Live Aid concert in Philadelphia on July 13, 1985.
    “reach out and touch, somebody’s hand… make this world a better place.. if you can”

    Okay.. that touched me. That song is SO not what is happening in the world now.
    Sheesh, what is wrong with everyone?

    well worth watching if any of you have a chance!
    Marjorie…. just for another break in things…. anything with his chart worth sharing?

    take care,

  3. How does the late Princess Diana’s chart get on with the Merry Wives of Windsor? Although it is purely speculative, would she have had good relationships with the women her sons chose? IMO, she might have seen them as competition, and not have been the adorable mother-in-law that is imagined.


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