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  1. Hi Marjorie;
    Holiday greetings!! Please could you comment on Kate and Meghan’s relationship. Also on the brothers William and Harry. What’s happening? Is it the press making stuff up or a genuine falling out in the fab 4 couples? Your insight is appreciated.

  2. Hi Marjorie:
    ISLAMABAD,( Pakistan) — Former Pakistani prime minister Nawaz Sharif was found guilty of corruption Friday and sentenced to 10 years in prison. What will be future of Nawaz Sharif through your star calculations.

  3. Marjorie, often when you are describing planets or combos of planets in a couple’s chart, you use the word ‘adventurous’.
    What do you mean?
    Risky, prone to dispute, fun, out of an individual’s comfort zone, tricky, hard to handle? I don’t get the sense it is a bad thing, but not necessarily that great either.
    Or is it simply a combo that pushes the couple on in their personal development. Something that wouldn’t happen if they hadn’t decided to get together?
    Been intrigued by this for some time.
    Happy Christmas and New Year.
    Peace and Love!
    And thanks for your enlightening commentary on the contemporary world and its weird inhabitants!

    • ‘Adventurous’ covers a spectrum from courageous to a multitude of sins so isn’t always a compliment. I’m quite partial to adventurers but they can be chancers and opportunists as well as foolhardy risk-takers; very often their own desire for fun doesn’t take account of others’ needs or wants, so they can be selfish; or users and takers not givers.
      In relationships, adventurous Mars Jupiter or more likely Jupiter Uranus aspects occur in those seemed-like-a-good-idea-at-the-time matches that don’t last the course. They start on a whoosh of excitement and when life gets boring and normal there isn’t enough to hold them together – unless there are other factors. What can happen is that one partner goads or tempts the other into unwise actions just to keep the buzz going.

  4. Hi Marjorie:

    Can you write a post about what the series of conjunctions between Saturn and Pluto in Capricorn, Jupiter and Pluto in Capricorn and Jupiter and Saturn in early Aquarius will bring in 2020? That’s three major outer planet cycles coming to their conclusion in the same year. The coming 2-3 years seem very significant, a major turning point. What do you think we should look forward to and how should we prepare for the coming transits? Thank you.

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