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  1. Marjorie,
    On a lighter note can you look into the relationship of Bradley Cooper (A star is Born) and Irina Shayk. There’s rumbling of them being miserable for months. Thank you!

  2. Marjorie,

    Thank you for answering my last question. I hope you don’t mind, but I do have just one more question.

    As I’m sure you’ve already heard, my state (Florida) just took a direct hit from Hurricane Michael (which was a very powerful category 4 [almost became a category 5]). They were showing on CNN photos and aerial footage of the destruction the hurricane caused to the small resort towns of Mexico Beach and Panama City Beach in the Panhandle. It appears the town of Mexico Beach is almost completely under water and some of the survivors said there were houses, etc. that were completely washed away. A lot of trees were down in Tallahassee and many of the city’s residents are without electricity. There have been a few causalities reported in the Panhandle…but there are also a lot of people still missing and feared dead. In other words, things are absolutely horrible right now. I feel terrible for the people in the Panhandle right now.

    Astrologically speaking, I was wondering if you had any insights or thoughts regarding this tragedy. Also, how does it appear Hurricane Michael will effect the gubernatorial and U.S. Senate elections that will be taking place here in Florida this November?

    Democrat Andrew Gillum is the current Mayor of Tallahassee (one of the cities effected by the hurricane) and he’s running for governor this year. Democratic Senator Bill Nelson is running for reelection this year. Our State’s current Republican Governor Rick Scott is now challenging Senator Nelson for his seat in the U.S. Senate. All 3: Gillum, Nelson, and Scott have been getting a lot of media attention since the hurricane. So, I’m not sure will benefit the most from all of this.

    As always, thank you for taking the time to answer our questions and I appreciate your daily posts.

    Chris Romero
    Jacksonville, Florida

  3. Hi Marjorie;
    Please could you comment on Susan Collins’ fortunes. There is money being raised for campaign against her in the upcoming elections. Also is there any consequence coming up for the Republican party? They seem to be cheating their way through elections. Even with changing demographics they have used the Russians, gerrymandering and the electoral college to weight it in their favor.

    Among the democrats how do you think Kamala Harris would fare? What about Gavin Newsom, Cory Booker, Oprah Winfrey, Michael Bloomberg, Michelle Obama? Too many to list and look into. But does anyone jump out as astrologically favorable?

    Thank you for your awesome website.

  4. Marjorie,

    Would you mind taking another look at the U.S. Senate again? Astrologically speaking, is there something going on right now that’s giving Trump and the Republicans a lot of “luck?” The polling these last 2 weeks have gotten BAD….I mean, REALLY BAD for Democrats with regards to the U.S. Senate races. It’s deeply concerning because it’s now October and the election is less than a month away.

    Chris Romero
    Jacksonville, Florida

    • Good news is Taylor Swift is coming on strong for Democratic candidates in Tennessee. She’s having a big effect, and the alt-right is blowing a fuse. Wouldn’t surprise me if they thought her album title “Red” meant she was one of them. Now they just have Kanye.

      In my battleground state, it was the last day to register to vote, and The Blue Wave was out in force. Saw mothers with children on the side of the road holding signs “Last day to register” “honk if you can vote”, and the kids were twirling pool noodles to get attention. The Senior Blues were in front of stores and libraries, reminding everyone to register. Never saw this before, ever. Keep the faith, Chris. Only 2 years before there is another chance to turn the Senate.

  5. Does anyone know what time Rod Rosenstein
    signed the Special Counsel order? Trump was told at 5:35 p.m. (May 17 2017) according to
    news accounts.But Mueller was appointed in
    the “late afternoon”.
    Would be interesting to see the chart of the Special Counsel office itself.

    • Figured out how to locate past astro news on her. From article dated 28 feb titled “A dystopian WHite House…” –

      ‘Hope Hicks, just back from a long session to the House intelligence panel, is floundering around this year with tr Saturn square her Libra Sun, conjunct her Neptune and square her Mars till late autumn. Plus Solar Arc Saturn Uranus square her Mercury also around now. Her relationship with Himself is hitting a low from early April with tr Neptune square the composite Mars (repeating across 2019).’

      How does this chime toward success with Fox News?

      From “WH back in Crisis mode”, 10 Feb 2018 – ‘The relationship chart between Hicks and Trump is basically friendly and affectionate with a composite Sun, Mercury, Venus though also based on illusions leading to disappoint with a Neptune square. It’s hitting a low this month with tr Neptune square the composite Mars; and is essentially an unstable link with a composite Uranus opposition Pluto. She looks shaken up come this April as tr Uranus starts to oppose her Sun, on and off into 2019.

      From “Trump’s Toxic MAD HAtter PARty” 18 Aug 2017 – ‘Her life is certainly changing radically with tr Uranus opposition her Sun now and into 2018; heading for the pressured Saturn return later this year; and will be in for a bumpy ride across the New Year with tr Saturn square her Mars and conjunct her Neptune. 2018 looks a sinking year, with worse in 2019.

      Her relationship chart with Trump has an affectionate composite Sun Mercury Venus though that squares Neptune – so illusions, delusions and disappointment. There’s a constantly-changing composite Uranus opposition Pluto, which is catching downbeat and jolting tr Saturn squares from late September; and is generally proving to be a let down with tr Neptune square the composite Mars now till late 2018.’

      Is Hope Hick addicted toward Him like a moth to a flame?

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