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  1. The EU and the ECB are quietly congratulating itself today on bringing the bailout of Greece to an end. In the meantime the Greek economy has shrunk 25%, pensions have halved, youth unemployment is nearly 40% and the Greek people face an estimated 42 years of austerity to clear the debt that is 180% of GDP by 2060. In my opinion the horoscope of Greece cast for 13 January 1822 says that this settlement will not last. I note the Saturn Pluto Conjunction in 2020 will be almost the sun of that chart and square its natal Saturn and Jupiter. Everything is going to be shaken to its foundations

    • In the midst of doing it if the thunder doesn’t shut me down – French electrics being v susceptible to the odd flash and bang. Juncker is almost as irksome as Trump.

  2. Let’s not forget Barbra Streisand–my all-time fave. Born in the ’40s….product of a struggling, working-class family in Brooklyn, NY. Has had a brilliant, spectacularly long career.

  3. Fox News put up a picture of Patty LaBelle when they announced Aretha’s passing. Their reason given involved the two performing at the same event, and the picture of them singing together was not positioned correctly to include Aretha. However…they did not perform together at that event. There was no such picture. And Aretha and Patty had a long-term tiff going on, so Fox choosing Patty’s picture was extra inexcusable. Is there anything they won’t soil?

  4. What sets Marlene Dietrich apart from the others? Mystique, intertwined erotica and exotica. How does Carole King compare…or Madonna? It’s all relative to the times and global events.

    In the same vein, why does Mozart endure while Doctor John is left behind on old B-side 45’s?

    And the Beatles?

  5. Marjorie,

    any thoughts about the Paul Manafort trial? There was some breaking news today about the jury going into second day of deliberation

  6. A little reflection on Aretha Franklin’s passing today and it is amazing that the 1940s produced so many greats (I think). Was it something particular to the astrology of the time or just plain hard work due to hard conditions? I am trying to look at what could be said in 40 or 50 years time about today’s crop but I can’t seem to think who is shaping up to who they could call ‘great’ then. Not the Kardashians?

    I know I may be off because I am looking at things through my lens of today (no, I’m not that old) and the lens in 50 years time will be different but I just can’t see who of today is measuring up to the people who have passed who are now called the ‘greats’

    • Jennifer, are we talking female singers? In 50 years time, therefore around 20-30 years old? Although I’m not sure about the ages of some of these ladies, I’ll offer some suggestions.

      Beyonce. Celine Dion. Adele. Alicia Keys.

      • Hmmmm….. I guess it depends on our definition of ‘great’. Not sure just singing good songs cut it. Or does it include developing a body of work over a long time. Food for thought!

        • I could blister my finger tips listing young, extremely talented singers who may not go the distance of a 50 year career.

          Alicia Keys grew up in Hell’s Kitchen, NY, but like Aretha, didn’t let poverty dim her. She is a classically trained pianist, and composed songs at age 12, which was 25 years ago. Beyonce, born the same year, started her career at age 6, so has 31 years in show business. Adele graduated from a performance art school at age 18, had a 10-times platinum album at 19.

          All 3 write most of their songs. All 3 were born in the 80’s, along with Amy Winehouse and Bey and Adele are Earth signs (thanks for your insight, Tara). Dion is Fire, and Keys is Air.

          Celine Dion began performing at her parents piano bar at age five, has 45 years in show business, and has sold 220 million records. I think she’ll still have a stellar career in 5 years, when she hits the 50 year mark of performing. (Honestly, I had no clue she was 50, or I wouldn’t have included her in the list, or, would’ve added Madonna, etc.)

          These are my picks for women who will have a singing career of great renown for 50 years. I welcome anyone else contributing who they think will do this, as it is a fascinating subject. Thanks for starting it, Jennifer!

    • Yes, there certainly were a lot of great musicians and artists born in the 1940s, Pluto in Leo likes to make it’s mark I suppose. A lot is down to personal taste; my preference was for Amy Winehouse born in 1983. I was never into that Whitney,Mariah,Celine 90s diva power ballad style either, I prefer the way Adele does it. Marjorie has pointed out before that a lot of pop stars tend to be Gemini’s, but I think the “greats”, or truly iconic ones often have their Sun in an earth sign.

    • Partly the Uranus in Taurus trine Neptune in Virgo which is inspirational and often associated with religion as well or religious art

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