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  1. I wonder also if you might take the time to look at steven miller. It seems likely that it is he who is one of the key engineers of the child separation & no tolerance immigration policies. Aug 23 1985

  2. It bothers me to my core that Trump’s fascist activities are not being taken seriously. Separate children from parents? A nursing baby pulled away from its mother? A deputy raping a 4-yr old, then threatening to deport the mother?

    Where is the right in any of this? Evangelicals, Mormons, Puritanists, rednecks, and the Spanish Inquisition? He’d have fit well in any rapacious age. Is there an astrological parallel with the past to his atrocities?

  3. Hi Marjorie, I wonder if you would have time to look at what energies might be influencing Sheldon Adelson over the next couple of years? Born Aug 3, 1933 Boston, Mass.
    He has been a major gop/trump supporter with his oodles of $$$, so it is logical to me that if he’s unhappy his agenda may not be doing well either. With his gambling/LasVegas connections I’ve always wondered if he was mob connected. Also israeli corrupt influence? – it was he, I think, that engineered the Jerusalem embassy move behind the scenes.

  4. Argentinian Congress approved, in a iconic session, a bill that would legalise abortion in the first 14 weeks of pregnancy. Also the movement Ni Una Menos, has been growing stronger in the last years. I was wondering what would be the future for such accomplishments in women’s rights in Argentina.

  5. Hi Marjorie,
    Great site!
    Franklin Graham (Billy’s son) has endorsed Trump.

    As a major evangelical figure in the US, I am wondering how he will be doing the next few months to 2020, in particular after the US November elections and into 2019, when it seems like Trump may have issues with his party and or his base.

    He has been a staunch supporter, but he just criticized the administrations policy of separating children from their parents at the border. Cracks are starting to show.
    I expect there will be future conflicts, since Christian thought is not a the front of his decision making, he is.

    The only birth data I could find was July 14, 1952

    • The Trump-Franklin Graham relationship chart is bumping along divergent tracks this year. And FG himself looks mighty befuddled this Sept/Oct and is having a disaster-ridden 2019/2020.

  6. Marjorie I saw that you posted that bill Cosby would you bounce back in 2019 but how would that work given his conviction? I’m so familiar with astrology.

    • He has tr Pluto conjunct his 10th house Jupiter from early 2019 thro 2020- which looks like a confident push. Presumably after September sentencing his new legal team (just fired the old one, again) will appeal. He’s not admitting guilt and will push bullishly ahead no matter what.

  7. Marjorie,

    You wrote a post about Rick Scott running for the U.S. Senate here in Florida a few months ago – which I really appreciated you taking the time to do so. However, in that post, you mentioned that the upcoming months would be fairly challenging for Scott (astrologically speaking). I do hope your analysis is correct. However, I’ve noticed that Rick Scott has been ahead in most recent polls against our Democratic incumbent Senator Bill Nelson…and the media has really favorable to Rick Scott as well. The news has been paying most attention to our (Florida’s) U.S. Senate race because it’s expected to be the most expensive in the country….and the Republicans feel they have a strong chance of “flipping” a Democratic-held seat in what’s supposedly a “Blue Wave” year.

    I was wondering if you could take another look at Rick Scott’s chart to see what’s giving him so much luck right now – because he’s certainly coming across as the “front runner” at the moment. Better yet, I was wondering if you had any astrological insights regarding the U.S. Senate race here in Florida ( [D]) Bill Nelson vs [R] Rick Scott) in general. For example, how do things appear to be looking for Senator Bill Nelson this November – astrologically?

    The thought of Rick Scott (who is totally in Trump’s pocket) taking Bill Nelson’s seat is absolutely horrifying.

    Anyway, any information, insights, thoughts, etc. you choose to share would be much appreciated. Again, I do appreciate all you do and I enjoy reading your posts.

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