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  1. ‘Melanie’: Trump Misspelled His Wife’s Name in New Tweet

    He tweeted “Melanie”…perhaps something (or someone) else was on his mind 😉

  2. Marjorie, is it possible to do a chart on actress, Natalie Portman, who has turned down an award equivalent to the ‘Jewish Nobel prize’ on the grounds of how Israel, her birth country, have treated Palestine recently? Seems to have got a number of high-notables annoyed with her decision for pulling out. But I’m glad a well-known Israeli-jew is holding up a looking glass and saying, ‘enough is enough,’ although I doubt any resolve in the country’s problems with manifest from it.

  3. Hi Marjorie,
    Am sure you’re taking the day off and delighted to see the Ceremony going/gone so well!
    Reading online, the Tabloid and Twitter posts, the stars of the show seem to be between
    Amal Clooney (who I know you’ve covered so not asking re her and especially getting many plaudits is
    Charles Spencer’s Daughter-Lady Kitty Spencer (Harry’s 1st Cousin, a Model).
    She was born 28 December 1990 in London, any thoughts re her?
    Thank you if you look into.
    Best wishes,
    P.S. The

  4. Hello – A question from a very personal point of view regarding horoscopes generally. I’m a Leo (August 15th) and all the current horoscopes are indicating strongly that there are issues and changes in career / work areas etc. I don’t work, am not a member of any society where the predictions could apply -I’m sort of retired. Can the current horoscopes therefore be regarded as not relevant – or should one look more broadly at them and try and apply the principles? It does leave me feeling somewhat baffled! Thanks.

    • Uranus moving into Taurus in Sun sign astrology now moves across the solar 10th house. This can mean changes at work but the midheaven is also about life’s direction. So even if you don’t work it will still affect your sense of where you are going in general. Uranus wants to be more original and innovative, less tied down by other people’s demands or ideas.

  5. Hi Marjorie is there anything on the Israel and Palestine charts reflecting the recent carnage and any clues as to future wellbeing of the Gazans? Does a separate chart exist for Gaza? Will Uranus in Taurus Impact harshly on Israel with its sun in that sign?

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