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  1. Marjorie: Iconic NBC journalist Tom Brokaw, 78, has been accused of lascivious conduct by former TV war correspondent Linda Vester and two other women. Shocking to all who have admired Brokaw for decades, including me. He looks extremely shook up at the moment. Can you fill in the blanks re his personality, what his future holds, and possibly how his and Vester’s charts interact?

  2. JOAN, you are woefully wrong, no one stole this election. Please try to keep up.

    I’m over here to ask Marjorie a question and saw that, smh.

    Question: there seems to be quite a bit happening in Iran, what do you see for the Islamic Republic?

  3. I thought the comments by Michelle Wolf uncomfortable, and truly not any of them were anything I could stand up and say to anyone, less alone a person sitting 10 feet away from me…I think your commentary should include that this administration has brought out more hatred and UGLY in many of us in the US than we have ever experienced before and “crossing the line” of bad taste has been a precedent set by Trump himself – who will go down in history for his hateful, bigoted, traitor rhetoric. Anyone associated with this administration better get ready for this kind of hatred from the majority of Americans…they stole this vote, sold their souls to Putin, and most likely will all end up with some kind of criminal indictments. Huckabee-Sanders has children for God’s sake – what would possess her to stand up there and LIE like she does and humiliate herself when the tapes of her will reveal her lies and traitor behavior?

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