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  1. Hi Marjorie, There is a revolution going on in Armenia. The former president, who attempted to become Prime Minister after changing the constitution (a la Putin) was forced to resign on April 23rd days after assuming the post. Now there is a power struggle between Nikol Pashinyan (6/1/75 – Ijevan, Armenia (can use Yerevan) — no time) who represents the people and the ruling party — now temporarily headed by Karen Karapetyan (8/14/64 — Stepanakert, Azerbaijan — no time). On May 1, the parliament will elect a Prime Minister until new parliamentary elections can be organized. One problem is the much hated oligarchic ruling party controls 70% of the seats in Parliament right now and there haven’t been free and fair elections for over 20 years. Can you take a look at what the near future holds for Armenia and Nikol Pashinyan? Thanks for all your work. Marie

  2. Marjorie: You were spot-on a few weeks ago when you predicted that Stormy Daniels and her attorney would have a setback in late April. Indeed, they have. The judge in Calif. has put their case on hold, much to the chagrin of Stormy’s attorney Michael Avenatti. Plus, Judge Kimba Wood in N.Y. is not allowing them a “seat at the table” in the Cohen proceedings. Double ouch. You also said that Stormy/Avenatti would have a bit of a comeback in July. Lo and behold, the Calif. judge says he’ll revisit their lawsuit July 27. Great work!!!

  3. Hi Marjorie,

    Thank you so much for your fascinating posts on current events & people.

    The American writer Roxanne Gay (October 15 1974, 07:48 am, Omaha, Nebraska) author of Bad Feminist and Hunger, has just written an incredibly honest and moving piece revealing she’s finally had weight-loss surgery. She mentioned that she has struggled with this issue for 30 years. I was wondering what are the astrological indicators of such a brave and life-altering decision?

  4. The East Area Rapist/Golden State Killer has most likely been found. Also known as Mr. Cruel in Australia where he also raped underage girls and killed one. Birthdate is 11/8/45 probably Sacramento area though it has been noted he lived in Citrus Heights and Roseville CA

    • Oh, that’s hopeful news – I was only listening to a podcast about the Aussie investigation into Mr Cruel a couple of days ago and was horrified to discover that he was never caught in Australia.

  5. Marjorie: If I recall correctly, you said in an earlier post that Melania Trump’s life will undergo a major upheaval in the coming year or so. Accordingly, a friend of mine has a theory that she is very methodically laying the groundwork for a big career as a style icon and entrepreneur post-Trump and the White House. I think she makes a good point. As you once noted, Melania has money/business smarts. Plus, she certainly (calculatingly?) carried off the state visit re the Macrons with impressive aplomb, singlehandedly taking charge of all arrangements for the dinner, etc., and clearly making a fashion statement with her wardrobe. As much as I detest Trump, his wife has great poise in her role as First Lady. Can’t help but wonder if she has a master plan for a new life after (and if) she dumps Trump. Care to comment further?

  6. Hi Marjorie
    I am wondering whether there is an astrological signature for a narcissist? What does that look like? The thought popped into my head after reading on TMZ that Kim K has posted a gone one stage further nude pic to promote her new perfume. But as a now mother of 3 and all her money I was thinking WHY does this woman think we need to keep seeing her naked? What is wrong with her?

    • To be honest no. She’s an exhibitionist and addicted to fame and money. But others of the same ilk have different charts. I’ll keep pondering.

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