Alek Minassian – Toronto attacker acting out his life’s crisis ** updated



Alek Minassian, the Toronto van attacker now up on ten charges of premeditated murder, was described by fellow students as socially awkward, perhaps suffering from OCD in addition to other mental disabilities.

He was born 3 November 1992 (net sources) in North York, Ontario and is a Sun Scorpio square Saturn in Aquarius, which is a tricky mix of emotionally intense and chilly, with low self-esteem. He was also part of the highly-strung Uranus Neptune in Capricorn generation and in his case made more volatile by an opposition to Mars in Cancer. His Mars is also trine Pluto in Scorpio – so major anger, frustration and resentment issues.

His Solar Arc Pluto is conjunct his Venus in Sagittarius now which will amplify his feelings considerably. More significantly his Uranus Neptune has moved by Solar Arc to square his Sun running through last year and conjunct his Saturn now, which would accentuate his paranoid tendencies. Major crises usually erupt when two configurations in a chart collide with one moving by Solar Arc to merge with the other -intense feelings of unworthiness ramped up by can-be-fanatical Uranus Neptune. He clearly intended the attack to end in a suicide bid.

His 5th Harmonic is heavily aspected hinting at anger, cruelty and delusion. His 7H which can be mentally unstable is doubly so with Saturn Neptune emphasised. His 18H, often found, with mass killers is also strong.

Add on: There appears to be a social media connection to the ‘incels’ (involuntary celibate) online communities that have made sexual frustration the basis for misogyny. At their heart is a belief that denying men sex is unjust and incel hubs regularly feature calls for rape or other violence. Some incels have constructed a violent, insurrectionary rhetoric from romantic failure. The Isla Vista shooter Elliot Rodger justified his own mass homicide in 2014 by presenting it as revenge for his own romantic rejections, and the fact that at 22, he was still a virgin. Subsequently he was adopted by some incels as a hero, a figurehead for an uprising, when sexually unsuccessful men would engage in armed revolt against all of the Chads and Stacys.

Elliot Rodger, 24 July 1991 London, England, had the same Saturn in Aquarius aspect to his Sun. In his case opposition a Leo Sun. With the Uranus Neptune conjunction trine a passionate Venus Mars in Virgo. So some similarities of low self-esteem and a hyper-active Mars. Mars, rules the libido as well as assertion. And if blocked it will arouse anger.  Both have their Pluto in aspect to one of their Mars midpoints. And Rodger like Minassian had his Uranus Neptune in its Solar Arc positions conjunct his Saturn.

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  1. Reports indicate that they are not sure what Alek Minassian’s motive was.

    However, they did say Alek was a supporter of some ambiguous “celibacy movement” and that he hated men and women who were sexually active.

    Sources have also reported that they are unsure of Alek Minassian’s ethnicity and religious background.

    However, I happen to know that “Minassian” is an Armenian surname. And looking at the photo of Alek Minassian, he does look Middle Eastern, Mediterranean, or like someone from the Caucusus Mountains.

    Also, most ethnic Armenians are Armenian Apostolic or Eastern Orthodox Christians.

    So, I’m just hypothesizing, but if Alek Minassian is indeed Armenian and had been raised in the Apostolic or Eastern Orthodox Church, perhaps he harbors some fundamentalist Christian beliefs about sex and sexuality…and that was the motive behind his actions.

    By the way, I was diagnosed with OCD (Obsessive Compulsive Disorder) in 1995…and was even on some heavy medication for awhile.

    OCD is a mental illness…but it doesn’t cause this kind psychosis. I highly doubt Minassian’s actions were the result of him possibly having OCD.

    • There’s always a degree to things, but since he was at special education, I suspect it was more than OCD. Maybe he is somewhere at the Authism Spectrum.

      The good thing is that the Canadian Authorities who acted truly remarkeably on this, and got him alive.
      He will face a full, psychological evaluation. It won’t mean he will be deemed incapable of understanding consequences of his actions. But it may add to understanding of certain conditions.

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