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  1. By now Trump probably rues the day he decided to run for the presidency. He is getting clobbered from all angles. He’s learning that being a crook in the Oval Office is a helluva lot different than being a crook in Trump Tower. Can’t get away with the shady stuff he used to get away with. Marjorie: Can you comment on the jaw-dropping FBI raid on Michael Cohen’s office, home and hotel room? How is this going to play out for Cohen and Trump? Media pundits are suggesting that Cohen might seek immunity by ratting on Trump.

  2. Cohen had his office raided by the FBI. Early news feeds claim Drompf was made aware before the raid was conducted. The law firm deferred to the FBI and cooperated fully. All those emails, etc related to…what?

  3. Lin Manuel has Sun/Mercury sextile Uranus and Trine Saturn. I have seen Uranus/Saturn aspects to personal planets in charts of geniuses. His numerous Jupiter transits are giving him increased recognition. He is appearing in Mary Poppins Return which has an outstanding movie/stage cast and crew with Emily Blunt in the lead.

    Emily Blunt and her Husband Director/Actor John Krasinski have and unexpected huge box office and critical hit “A Quiet Place” which just opened. It has a similar success to Get Out, and is Krasinski’s first directorial success. They appear to be one of most compatible Hollywood couples, and have considerable popularity each and as a couple. How do they look? Julie Andrews won an Oscar as Mary Poppins.

  4. Marjorie,

    The Huffington Post is reporting that early results are showing that Hungary’s far-right prime minister Viktor Orban just won reelection for a THIRD consecutive term (Hungary really needs to adopt term limits).

    Anyway, this is depressing news. However, I’m curious to know what your astrological insights are regarding this. Astrologically speaking, how does Hungary’s relationship with the European Union look in the near future as a result of this election? Also, how does the relationship between Hungary and Russia (especially with Putin) look in the near future? Is Viktor Orban a “Putin Puppet” like Donald Trump here in the U.S. and Rodrigo R. Duterte in the Philippines are?

    Any astrological insights you decide to share regarding this would be much appreciated.


    Chris Romero
    Jacksonville, Florida

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