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  1. Hello Marjorie
    Any thoughts on the forthcoming local elections, 3rd May? The PM seems relatively upbeat at the moment, will her bubble be burst?

  2. Hi Marjorie
    Could you explain how the planets sun & venus in the 1st house affect the appearance & personality? Please excuse my spelling & grammar mistake! English is not my 1st language.

  3. This just in: Retired Supreme Court Justice John Paul Stevens (a Republican no less) advocates repealing the Second Amendment. He calls it a “relic of the 18th century.” Amen! Read all about it at CNN.com

  4. To what Saros series does the July 12/13 solar eclipse belong?In An Astrological History Of The World you wrote that an eclipse falling in a nation’s Sun sign could indicate a crisis.As this one is in Cancer how do you think it will affect the USA?

    • The July Solar Eclipse at 20 degrees Cancer is a ways from the USA Sun, though reasonably close to the US Mercury. It is only a degree away from being conjunct the UK 10th house Moon and opposition Saudi Arabia‚Äôs Saturn, Jupiter Sun in Capricorn.
      It may be slightly jittery and jangled for the USA, but not as obvious as the 2019 Eclipses which are closer to the USA Sun, which does tend to provoke a crisis.
      UK? Maybe a Royal announcement or event causing sadness. Again the 2019 Eclipses are closer to the UK Sun especially the January one.
      Saudi Arabia will be interesting to see what comes out of it.
      This Saros Series is tricky with endings or separations in personal relationships. Though Bernadette Brady says quick action brings positive results.

  5. Hi Marjorie,

    You have already cast a chart for Stormy Daniels a few weeks ago. But recently her Solar Return would also have passed. Can you do a Solar Return chart for her and give a short overview of how to interpret solar returns, especially with reference to natal charts?

    • There’s no birth time for her so on the whole I’d tend to avoid doing one. Solar Returns can be fairly hit or miss in the info they give.

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