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  1. Hi Marjorie

    Harry and Megan wedding date set for Saturday 19 May. A Saturn day. Apparently according BBC news breaks with royal tradition as wedding dates usually set for a weekday. Any insights from the stars to share?

    • Stars aside, they appear totally consumed with each other. Touching, holding hands, kissing. True love; I’m jealous.

      Let’s give them a break. They’ll live together for however long in a fishbowl.

      • I don’t think I’ve ever seen anyone in normal life “get a break” because they were in love. It’s not some sparkling special thing just because he’s a royal and she’s a TV actress. Enjoy their lovey doveyness but stand down as far as policing us plebes.

  2. Marjorie: The Trump-inspired GOP tax bill, which Nancy Pelosi calls a “monumental con job,” has suddenly hit troubled waters, with Marco Rubio and a couple of other Repugnants saying they’re voting against it. Can you provide a prognosis? What are its chances of passing?

    • Both the hold-outs (Rubio and ?) have caved and are going to vote for it. Chances of passing? Looks like it will. McConnel has controversially taken two votes away from the dems. One from the new Alabama senator Jones who he refuses to swear in until next year, and another.

      I’m getting fatigued by 9 years of republican skullduggery. I wouldn’t bat an eye now if they hosted a meet and greet with Confederates and the Nazi party on the Whitehouse lawn.

  3. Hi Marjorie I don’t know if you saw my post about Eminem his album is coming out today and I would like to know about his new album’s sales and how 2018 is gonna be for him personally (love, family..)
    Could you please take a quick look at his charts?

    Thank you

  4. Marjorie, this has been the strangest year in politics, with the Republican party running wild. What do you see in the party charts? Is this showing up?

      • Actually, I’m asking about the chart of the republican party itself. Are they at a point where they are irredeemable? Will they come to their senses as far as their obligations to the poor and the middle class? If so, when does this look astrologically favorable?

        The foundation chart should tell the tale. But Marjorie has been up to her ears in American politics, so if she wants to give it a bye, I’ll understand.

  5. Marjorie,

    Do you have any insights about the Net Neutrality issue? I just heard that the FCC just repealed the Net Neutrality rules. That disgusting jerk Ajit Pai is responsible for all of this.

    Chris Romero
    Jacksonville, Florida

    • You are so right, Chris Romero. Now internet providers can sell all of our data, even our emails. They will be able the block us from sites. If George Soros buys a majority interest in one of the big monopoly internet servicers, goodby conservative cable and internet, if the Kochs buy in, goodbye liberal, if evangelicals buy, goodbye porn. This will have an effect on every american. We’ve now entered the era of control never seen before.

      Anyone valuing privacy can start by switching to protonmail.com. Founded by researchers at the CERN particle collider in Switzerland, it is end to end encrypted. It was opened to the public last year. However, with the new FCC rules, it too could be blocked by your internet provider.

      Expecting a meltdown on Reddit. They.ve been trying hard to get out the word about this mess.

          • @Buckeye

            Apathy and capitulation will get you no where. If people continue to #RESIST, then things can workout for us in the in the end. I just think, had people not flooded the phone lines of Republican U.S. Senators, staged sit-ins, held picket lines, showed up at town halls, marched, and held protests to show their support for Obamacare, then we may have lost it.

            And, take a look at what happened in Alabama the other night. Millennials, LGBTQ Americans, and African-Americans (especially African-American women) went out in droves to vote and show their support for Democrat Doug Jones. They saved all of us from that disgusting racist sexual predator Roy Moore. They even said 21% of registered Republicans in Alabama crossed-over to vote for Jones. So, if people hadn’t resisted what Steve Bannon, the alt-right, and Donald Trump were promoting, then Alabama would’ve ended up sending another religious fanatic and sexual predator to Washington.

          • Chris, I’m not apathetic. I am getting tired though, of the constant state of political war, and feeling like I have to vote for someone because the sky will fall if I don’t.

            Used to be a I could wonder what Congress was going to fix next, and see “across the aisle” cooperation. i could research what candidates jived with my values and vote for them. See majority opinions taken seriously.

            I have a lifetime of thoughtful, caring voting and activism behind me. My attempt to keep it light and somewhat short in my comments here is not apathy.

            I think it would be boffo if lawyers, who are thought of as morally bankrupt, would turn out to be our country’s saving grace.

  6. Marjorie,

    You’re predictions about the Alabama Special U.S. Senate Election were spot on! Democrat Doug Jones managed to pull off a victory there! Roy Moore is still refusing to concede and is demanding that the military votes be counted – the analysts have already said there won’t be enough military votes (assuming most went in Moore’s favor) to overcome Jones’ 22,000 vote lead. And…since Jones beat Moore by 1.5 points, there will be no automatic recount. So, if Roy Moore wants a recount, he and his campaign have to pay for it – and that would him A LOT of money (money he probably doesn’t have). All in all, Doug Jones won and he will be seated in the U.S. Senate in January 2018. Since Jones is finishing up Sessions’ term, he will only be in the U.S. Senate for 3 years as opposed to 6. But, at least that’s one Democratic Senate that will be secure for 3 years. With Jones coming to the U.S. Senate now, that brings us a total of 47 Democratic Senators – plus 2 Independent Senators who almost always vote with the Democrats (Bernie Sanders and Angus King). The Republican majority has been brought down to a slim 51.

    Given how horrible the Republican Party and Donald Trump are, I think the 26 Democratic Senators who are up for reelection next year will keep their seats…and we might even be able to flip Republican Dean Heller’s seat over to a Democrat – since Heller is the most vulnerable Republican in the U.S. Senate.

    Chris Romero
    Jacksonville, Florida

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