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  1. Hi Marjorie

    Any ideas whats happening to Christoffel F. Hendrik Wiese

    Born: 10 September 1941 (age 76), Upington, South Africa

    2015 was a good year for South African retail tycoon Wiese for at least one reason: The billionaire saw his fortune soar $841 million through the 31st of December 2015, a 15% boost from the previous year

    Steinhoff shares have fallen more than 60% in a day, erasing $2.3 billion from Wiese’s fortune. He’s now worth an estimated $1.49 billion, thats down more than $4 billion from March 2017, when he was worth $5.6 billion.

  2. Found this tidbit on CN “content” –

    “While Harry and Meghan aren’t brother and sister or anything close, they are actually related. A recent genealogy investigation uncovered that the betrothed royals are indeed distant cousins. If there is one thing that royals do love…it’s marrying some cousins! The pair is related through a late fifteenth century ancestor of the Queen mother. What is even more bizarre is a distant relative of Harry’s had an ancestor of Markle’s executed some five hundred years ago. Have fun explaining that one to your son or daughter when they try and create a family tree for their middle school project.”

    How curious! It is, indeed, a small world.

  3. The polls opened two hours ago at 7 AM (Central Time) in Alabama. I’m interacting with people on Twitter; the turnout is HUGE so far. I don’t know this is going to play out…but one thing is for sure: Democrats in Alabama are not sitting this election out! I really hope Democrat Doug Jones wins today – we need somebody like him the U.S. Senate. And as for that disgusting FREAK Roy Moore…well, he needs to be put behind bars.

    Chris Romero
    Jacksonville, Florida

  4. Taylor swift has gone public with her new boyfriend, joe alwyn who was born 21 feb 1991, london. What is their astro aspects/synastry like and has she found ‘The One’ yet that she seems to be searching for?

  5. Marjorie, you mentioned a Saturn return in both Christopher Plummer and Palestine’s astrology. I know it is significant for younger people, often indicating a wish to settle down, get married, etc, but how does it play out in older charts and national charts? Is it every 29 years and is it still a significant time? Indicating what exactly?

    The other thing is that Princess Diana’s death proved a cathartic moment for the British, is there any indication Johnny Hallyday’s death will be one for the French? These occasions of national outpourings can often have an after effect.

    Thanks, as ever, for your really interesting work.

    • Tr Saturn was square the UK Moon over Diana’s death and tr Saturn is square the France Virgo Sun at the moment. Saturn tends to bring feelings of loss, and separation.
      The First Saturn Return at 29 is the first maturing transit – grow up and get real. The Second at 58 – be realistic about the final third of your life. The third? Get grateful you’re still here maybe. Saturn does ultimately bring a harvest for a life well lived. But it possibly has less of an effect by the late 80s.

  6. Here’s a strange one. Since the horoscope continues on after a subject’s death, is there anything to glean from the horoscopes of a political figure like Abraham Lincoln or a performer, like David Bowie? Would you be able to use their horoscope to show or argue the waxing and waning of their ideals of work? Or see periods when they might have an uptick, even now, in public consciousness?

  7. I once did a weekend workshop on remote viewing in California with a guy who said he’d worked with the CIA. V odd type, quite borderline with a dark streak. I did guess one thing right in the test we had. But can’t say the results were too awesome. Though some people do have a facility for it.
    There are certainly more things on Heaven and Earth than the scientists would have us believe. But much of this psychic power stuff is questionable. It may occasionally work but only erratically. Even the old yogis who sat up a mountain for decades to train their minds couldn’t launch a space rocket or stop a missile by thought. Telepathy may work but the submarine commanders would have to be susceptible to what’s coming at them through the ether.

  8. Good morning Marjorie,
    I thought I’d ask re 2 films doing incredibly well critically.
    Lady Bird is directed by Great Gerwig born August 4 1983 in Sacramento, CA and stars Saoirse Ronan and Laurie Metcalf.
    (Born April 12 1994 in the Bronx, NY and born June 16 1955 in Carbondale, IL respectively).
    Phantom Thread which is being released on Christmas Day is directed by Paul Thomas Anderson born June 26 1970
    in Studio City, CA and reputedly Daniel Day-Lewis’ last movie. (Unless he changes his mind in future!)
    These films getting great reviews and recipient of many critics awards in the U.S., over the last 2 weeks,
    especially Lady Bird which is getting 100% reviews on Rotten Tomatoes Webiste.
    So thought I’d ask re both!
    Thank you if you have time to look into!

  9. Hi Marjorie

    I wonder if you could advise me of any importance when transiting Saturn moves to conjunct/oppose the natal South node/North node, and what the orb would be please? There has been some volcanic movement in my world recently. Transiting Saturn at 28 Sag and my natal nodes are at 2 Can/Cap. This feels deep.

    A million Thank Yous and much appreciation as aways!

    Anyone have any experiences to share?

    Thanks j

      • Let’s see …. and tr Pluto hitting my Mercury by 1 dg and Sun by 6 dgs. Tr Neptune hitting Sun exact. Tr Jupiter hitting Neptune 2 dgs. All the heavies together. That must be it.

        Thanks Marjorie

  10. More an observation about CIA programs…in 1990 I chanced to meet a woman who claimed to be part of a 1970’s covert CIA program to recruit psychics for a “remote controlling” program. The remote controlling aspect applied to psychically-directing Soviet submarine commanders to launch their missiles while still submerged and with the missile tubes still closed. She claimed that she could not divulge the results but she did share that the program was not entirely successful.

    On the other hand, the Soviets have/had a quite successful psychic program.

    Fascinating, even just for the fiction/reading.

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