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  1. Marjorie, I’ve just noticed that transit Pluto now in my 5H is opposing my Moon Conj. Saturn in Cancer in the 10th. Is that a typical ‘death of the mother’ aspect? I just lost a mother figure in the last days of Pluto being in the 4th earlier this year. Sorry for the gloomy question.

    • Jo, Normally it isn’t considered done to predict death and you never quite know. Your Moon Saturn is 10th house so could be a slow career grind and differences with women at work. Pluto in the 4th can sometimes bring the death of an older family figure. But in the 5th it’s more likely to bring a) a need to be taken as someone of substance, so pushing hard for recognition and perhaps running into resistance from those who’d rather hog the limelight themselves; b) possessiveness in relationships, especially children. Good luck.

      • Thanks, Marjorie 🙂 I know it’s not one of the best questions to ask in astrology. I wasn’t sure how to process transformational Pluto opposing my moon (mother). I can attest, however, 10H Saturn has been, for me, the typical ‘late bloomer’ aspect in terms of career and Pluto moving into the 5H feels like a breath of fresh air after years of emotional slogging in my 4H. Thanks again.

  2. A lot going on in Europe and good afternoon Marjorie!
    Yesterday Martin Schulz born 20 December 1955 in Eschweiler, Germany proposed a United States of Europe to be
    in effect from 2025.
    What do you think?

  3. 42 year old actress Sarah Paulsen (American Horror Story) has come out about her romantic relationship that began 3 years ago with 74 year old actress and playwright Holland Taylor.

    Hmmm….this has been a year for the oddest celebrity news. Last year it was surprising celebrhity deaths. Pluto certainly likes to keep the world guessing.

  4. Wondering about the Freddie Mercury biopic and it’s future success. Director Bryan Singer (Sept 17, 1965, New York City, New York) was fired from the film for getting into heated arguments and throwing things at the star, Rami Malek (12 May 1981 at 08:41 AM,Torrance, California, 33n50, 118w20), and for not returning to the set after Thanksgiving.

    Singer was often absent from the set, and now claims he has PTSD from the tension. He was fired with only a couple of weeks left in the shooting of the film. Singer also did this during the X Men and Superman films.

    • I think he’s probably freaking about what will come out about him. He’s been accused on and off since 1997 for his alleged predilection for underage boys and drug-fuelled violent parties which have been publicly documented and have ended up in court. Seems to have cleared his name but since the Weinstein case blew wide open and Spacey was exposed, Singer’s name began trending regarding pedophilia questions and his connections with Spacey.

      If he’s innocent he has nothing to worry about but it’s curious he’s also deleted his twitter account in the sex abuse fallout. The guys having a monumental meltdown and if he’s guilty, well, that kind of primal fear couldn’t happen to a more deserving piece of sewage.

  5. Melanie Martinez was acussed by a former friend of rape days ago. And now another girl come foward to do the same. Never got the hype about MM but i find interesting people are blaming the victims playing the “a woman can’t do that to another woman” card.

  6. Marjorie,

    Your predictions concerning the Alabama Special U.S. Senate race appear to be coming true. Democrat Doug Jones did take a drop in the polls at the end of November (like you predicted) but he now seems to have rebound. According to the latest Gravis polling, over 1 million likely voters in Alabama have been polled and the results show Doug Jones (D) at 48%, Roy Moore (R) at 44%, and only 8% “undecided” (which is a small percentage considering “undecided voters” usually make up a much larger percentage in tight races). Also, the data shows Doug Jones has the support of 93% of Democratic voters while Roy Moore only has the support of 76% of Republican voters in Alabama.

    Alabama is literally one of the most conservative states in the whole country – Republicans control the governor’s mansion, both U.S. Senate seats (at the moment), and all but one congressional seat in that state. However, given how disgusting and despicable Roy Moore is as a person, I hope Alabamans vote for Democrat Doug Jones in the end. I’m not an Alabama resident (I live in Jacksonville, Florida)…but I still donated money to Jones’ campaign. I really hope he wins.

    Anyway, I know you’ve made two other posting about the Alabama election. However, I was wondering if you had any further astrological insights or updates regarding this thing. If that disgusting sexual predator Roy Moore does manage to win (G-d forbid that from happening!), is there any indication that something else will keep Moore from making it to the U.S. Senate? Moore is such a dangerous person; we can’t have him making important political decisions for us.

    Chris Romero
    Jacksonville, Florida

    • That too is as old as the hills. Men abuse women physically and sexually. Women abuse men psychologically and emotionally.

      The modern concept that just women can be victims of abuse is not entirely true. Emotional and psychological scars in both genders can run deep and cause a vicious cycle in the future.

  7. I’ve received a hate email today following the publication of my controversial novel. A book blogger I know also. What are the mundane aspects that might explain this which has been going on since the Saturn-Neptune square. It seems no-one is immune. I don’t have any transits in my natal that might be significant.

    • If this has been going on since the Saturn-Neptune square, then there is your answer. Since you don’t have transits showing it, and others have been hit with it too, it’s just a reflection from those two planets in square. “This too shall pass”.

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