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  1. I did a class on creativity at the Orlando UAC and used Joni Mitchell’s chart. She is an exceptional painter and jazz musician. Her chart is dreadful for marriage. Fluctuating in passion, neediness and avoiding long term commitment. The self portrait with the cigarette and wine is indicative of her health problems and losing her beautiful voice. Saw her on Tavis Smiley Show recently and had her spunk intact.

  2. Joni Mitchell has a birthday coming up. There’s a a new biography out as well. She’s such an interesting person—brilliant, talented and a bit crabby. She’s also been recovering from an aneurism. She’s such a model for creative, strong women. What can you tell us about her?

  3. Father-to-be Prince William has just had his Jupiter return.It is now on his MC so good careerwise.But Saturn is going to conjunct first his Neptune and then his ASC in November before opposing his Sun at the end
    of this year.Saturn spends most of
    2018 in opposition to William’s Sun-
    Moon midpoint and Sun.Seems very
    heavy,very depressing with the new
    baby due in April.

  4. Hi Marjorie! Do you have any insights into USA’s Florida State Representative Frederica Wilson? She is the legislator Donald Trump and his sidekick, General Kelly, took on and tried to humiliate with their lies but she’s not backing down from truth. Representative Wilson is a former school principal serving her constituents as a Democrat. I think she’s admirable and courageous. Wiki says she’s a November 5, 1942 Scorpio born in Miami, FL but that’s all I was able to find about her birthday. Interesting she rose up during Jupiter in Scorpio! Much thanks for all you do on this site. I read and learn. Cynthia

  5. Terry Fox, a Canadian and a cancer patient who started running to raise awareness and money for cancer research. What gave him his stamina? (Astrologically speaking.)

  6. Marjorie: Adding to Isabel’s question, can you possibly do a fast-forward to the next presidential election (Nov. 3 2020) and describe the mood/morale of the Groper-in-Chief? Will he be deflated or buoyant? Ditto Mike Pence. Can’t wait for this horror show of a presidency to end.

  7. Many of us are hoping the buffoonish tyrant in the White House will get shuffled off into the sunset. You might have already discussed this in a previous article. Please direct me to the relevant section if so, and if not, please would you mind sharing your insights based on his chart and the chart of the USA. Thank you.

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