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  1. I was hoping to see something meshing about Texas, the hurricane (may most people be safe and survive!) and the floods. Politically Texas has been harsh on women and uncooperative with the previous president. What can you tell us?

  2. Hello Marjorie:
    Thanks for your dedication and your insight on your posts.
    I searched but I could not find any article on crytocurrencies from you. Examples are bitcoin, ethereum, ripple, and litecoin.
    Would you be kind to post your comments regarding cryptocurrencies in general and the four mentioned above?
    Just a note: US central bank is also thinking of FedCoin, a type of cryptocurrency, as well.
    Thanks and please stay strong.

  3. Hi Marjorie, can you look at the National Trust’s chart, if they have one, please, and the idiot who seems to making some silly decisions lately? They are currently prickling people’s ire at the moment, especially their own members. First, the NT members were, “forced into an embarrassing U-turn after banning volunteers from meeting the public if they refused to wear gay pride rainbow badges.” While I personally do support the LGBTQ+ group, I think it’s unfair to force members who are there volunteering in preserving old buildings and such and partaking in conservation duties on their lands, into something that has nothing to do with its brand.

    Now, it turns out they have an enormous investment portfolio and are sitting on a £1bn fortune and yet, are telling hundreds of leasehold tenants that they will face a 10,000 per cent hike in their rents; “One 87-year-old was told his rent would leap from £148 to £15,000 a year.”
    This is absolutely disgusting behaviour reserved for the out-of-touch toffs of this land. Many members are furious and are/going to cancel their memberships in droves. Does anything like financial/public problems show up in their chart?
    Thanks in advance 🙂

  4. Hi Marjorie, with problems such as climate change as well as AI and further automation lurking, already causing heated conversations even among top tech CEOs, it’s bound to cause some ripples and changes not just about wages but big societal too as it affects our foundations. How far are big business going to take us, what does entail for them – any repercussions (as was 2008. for banking), pipe dreams of structures with too much power, money and ambition or bubble that will keep on growing? Should we be worried and what about exactly? Of too big expansion of business or their crash and burn? Thanks in advance.

    • Lin, I had a quick flit through charts of the big conglomerates (tax avoiding ones) but it’s impossible to separate out what could just be market forces in their sectors and what might be a more widespread shock. Though several showed up 2020 and 2023/4 as dead-halt times.

  5. Dear Marjorie, if you have the time and inclination, would you mind looking at Jacinda Adern’s chart and that of New Zealand as we are in the midst of a General Election. We have had nine years of a National Government and I yearn for a change of direction. Your response might give me hope, or give me time to adjust my dreams of respite! Many thanks.

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