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  1. Hi Marjorie, as usual I always request some astro info on some Indian celebrities every few months. This time, It’s Priyanka Chopra. She’s one of Bollywood’s long-term bigger stars and will turn 34 in 4 weeks time. Just when some actresses careers wind down in Bollywood when they hit their 30’s, because directors/producers like to keep replacing them with younger females paired with the aging male stars, she hopped over to the states and began filming ABC’s ‘Quantico’ which has been a massive hit and season 2 is on the cards. This has injected a new burst of success for her. Just wondering what she’s like, where she’s going, and what’s in store. This time, there is an actual birth time. July 18 1982, Jamshedpur, India, (1.05am).

    She lost her father a bout 3 years ago whom she was super close to and she’s close with her mother too. She has 1 younger brother. She’s also lost a grandmother this month. She keeps her private life private (I think more so, because of the culture in India, which pretty much slates women as sluts if they have the nerve to admit having a sex life or a lover. Lord knows, they have to keep bringing up Sushmita Sen’s alleged numerous ex-boyfriends every time they report on her – but, they don’t do the same with the male ‘players’ in the same industry). She’s rumoured to have been involved with Shahid Kapoor some years back for quite a while. And the seedy side of the gossip mill in B-Town have insinuated she had a long term affair with, Shah Rukh Khan – denied, obviously by both parties. She has insinuated there is someone now, but many have questioned when on earth she gets the time as she flits from USA and India like a flea, spending much of her time flying or filming, and some have suggested she said it to get Shah jealous. Obviously, this is all tabloid conjecture (before anybody gets their knickers in a knot over it – I’m more curious of the astrology of Priyanka, and possibly between her and Shah). She has just pulled out from appearing opposite him in Don 3. She’s just finished filming with The Rock on the new Baywatch movie as is pretty much in demand right now in the states, so reports indicate. Thanks for your time for doing this. 🙂

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