Princess Diana – and her daughters-in-law



The poignant absence of Princess Diana from her sons’ lives as they marry and have children always brings questions about how she would have related to their spouses.

A Sun Cancer with an Aquarius Moon, she gave the impression of doting on her boys but could be fickle and emotionally unpredictable with friends. Her Moon opposition Uranus hinting at the loss of her own mother through divorce in her childhood would make her less trusting of women.

She’d almost certainly have found Kate easier since Kate’s Cancer Moon and Jupiter in Scorpio chimed with Diana’s Sun; and Kate’s Mercury Venus in Aquarius would have resonated with Diana’s Jupiter.

Meghan would have been more problematic with her Mars in Cancer clashing with Diana’s Sun with her Saturn Jupiter in square making for a competitive, argumentative and rather blocked chemistry.  Meghan’s Leo Sun squared Diana’s Neptune  so she would have found her mother-in-law evasive.

What would in all likelihood have caused problems is that both Kate and Meghan have their Pluto on Diana’s midheaven, hinting at potential struggles over power and position. It would be especially the case with Kate since she has her unyielding and duty bound Saturn conjunct Pluto, both on Diana’s midheaven – and Kate would naturally always take precedence since she’s in direct line.

It would have been an enormously tricky situation with a divorced Diana on the sidelines.


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  1. Janet D has a point! William especially seems to have a set path, but that’s probably not the case. For instance, I think that if Diana had lived, Charles probably would have had to choose between Camilla and his right to succession. And William might have been first in line of succession, or alternatively, living with a very bitter (Charles has Scorpio) father, by the time he was 18. As the heir to throne, he definitely wouldn’t have had an option to go to St. Andrew’s, which was a bit of a security hazard. He probably wouldn’t have met Kate, at least not at that stage of his life. It would have been completely different.

  2. diana was a cancer sun aqua moon, carole is a aqua sun and michael is a cancer sun… imo william wouldnt have married kate and her family. her family is a big (probably main) factor that william stayed with kate so many years and end up marrying her. my 2 cents

  3. Above comment seems very perceptive! Would have been to William’s detriment if he didn’t marry Kate, a fantastic partner. We can hope the mother would have seen this marriage as most fortunate for her son. On the other hand, if Harry wasn’t so wounded, looking for a mother replacement, he might have picked a bride who would bring him a happy life, instead of what he has to contend with. A mother’s perspective could have been useful here.

    • I think that is a very sensible suggestion – I often wonder whether William might have stayed with Kate had Diana been around and who Harry might have chosen. I think Diana would have doted on any grandchildren but would have been a nightmarish Mother-in-Law but that is all conjecture

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