Princess Charlotte & Prince George – an extrovert and an introvert



Princess Charlotte, all of two years old, has been delighting Europeans with her smiles and curtsies, as she steals the limelight on her parents’ state visit.

Born 2 May 2015 8.34am London, she’s remarkably similar to Zara Phillips, Princess Anne’s daughter – both have a determined, stubborn and lively Sun Mars in Taurus; social-butterfly Venus in Gemini; and intense Libra Moon Pluto hard aspects. Both also have a Uranian streak of rebelliousness with Zara’s Sun opposition Uranus; and Charlotte’s Libra Moon opposition her Uranus. Different houses, so the energies will go out in different directions. Zara is relationship-oriented with a 7th house Sun Venus; while Charlotte will adore a large circle of friends with an 11th house Sun Mars, but be less gregarious with a 12th house Venus.

Charlotte’s Moon is not only opposition a maverick 10th house Uranus but also square Pluto in the 7th – which will make her home and emotional life quite a roller coaster ride. Constant changes, unpredictability, especially in relation to her mother, who always looks so perfect in public. But clearly another reality behind the scenes. Charlotte also has Saturn opposition Mercury square Neptune MC which points to a caring streak, though also quite nervy as well. Her Pluto is trine her Sun and Mars, so when she makes up her mind, not much will budge her.  Her Jupiter in Leo in the 3rd suggests an enthusiastic connection to siblings.

Prince George looked less enamoured of the Royal trip. Born 22 July 4.24pm London, he has a much less robust and even more complicated chart than his sister. His 9th house Cancer Sun opposes a Capricorn Moon, which will make him ambivalent about what he wants, always pulled between his head and his heart. It also suggests he sees his parents as two entirely opposing types, not always compatible. His Pluto opposes an 8th house Jupiter Mars Mercury squaring onto Uranus in the 5th – grandparental influence both in genes and circumstances will have a strong effect on him, making him intensely secretive, quite controlling especially over money, pushed around by circumstances beyond his control. He has a Water Grand Trine of Jupiter Mars trine a 12th house Saturn trine Neptune in the 3rd trine Jupiter Mars in Cancer, formed into a Kite with Neptune opposition a 9th house Venus in Virgo. He’ll be creative, healing for others, but not always able to heal himself, highly self-protective, shielding himself from reality at times, a dreamer rather than a doer. Not ambitious. Certainly he doesn’t have the sense of duty his great-grandmother HM Queen has, or even his grandfather Prince Charles, who is designed for a public career.

8 thoughts on “Princess Charlotte & Prince George – an extrovert and an introvert

  1. Both of them with those secretive 12th house planets! Charlotte is like granny Diana, hidden loves, with 12th house Venus. Clearly going to set mom off with that. George with that 12th house Saturn barely sneaking in there, he may look disciplined, but it doesn’t hold, like Uncle Edward the abdicator and again, granny Diana. Divorce, anyone? Perhaps both divorce and abdication.

    • Venus in the 12th also is accidental dignity. I know a little one with it who is very outgoing and charming, very into ballet and music. She makes friends very easily (also an 11th house Sun), but also loves to go off into her own make belief world with her dolls.

      Saturn in the 12th puts me in mind of the sea-goat; bringing dreams to reality and imaginative ideas to fruition. Also stability and structure to chaos, but also worryingly, sacrifice for duty.

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